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SGX Bull Charge 2017! + Other Recent Developments

Nope, this post is not about the bull market. It’s mostly about SGX’s annual charity run. But in the true spirit of SG TTI’s typical posts, let me 1st talk about some frivolous stuff, updates etc. In a recent post, I talked about 2 recent additions to TTI’s portfolio: TTI Bought >$100K Worth Of Equities […]

Addendum To Previous Post…

This is an addendum to my previous post (which was just yesterday actually): TTI Bought >$100K Worth Of Equities In July… Howard Marks’ Memo Better Don’t Come True Right Now! I’ve received quite a number of queries regarding options, particularly on how I structured them. While I’ve replied every email and comment, I’d just summarize […]

TTI’s Portfolio Results – FY17Q2

Before we know it, it’s the halfway mark of FY17 and it’s time for the customary crunching of numbers to see where TTI stands, relative to the general market. To summarize: Not too good. STI ETF’s figures are kinda crazy this year, and although in recent weeks STI is showing some weakness, on an annualized […]

Geo Vs GEAR! + Options Update

There hasn’t been regular updates as this is traditionally a really busy time of the year for me, work-wise. School holidays + everyone wants to get work done before going for summer vacations. In fact, I too, am planning my CNY getaway next year right now as we speak. (Just inserting a random summer vacation […]