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Convertible Bonds + Bye Bye LTC!

Zero posts in the past few weeks, and for good reason too. Phew. I’ve been busy working on the convertible bond offering, and finally, I’ve some tangible results to show for it. As I was discussing with a friend, life is really funny sometimes. Sometime ago, I was looking for potential co-investors and not getting […]

1Q 2018 Report Card

1st up, I’d clarify, as I’ve always done so for previous quarterly report cards, that I track returns using XIRR. So this means that the time value of cash is taken into account in the results, but it also skews the annualized XIRR figures for now, as it’d assume the exact same rate of return […]

An In-depth Look Into Volatility By TTI

I swear I did not time this article. LOL. Barely 6 weeks past the previous armageddon scenario with VIX going ballistic, it seems like everything’s beginning to repeat itself. In the previous post (The Big Short: TTI’s Version. But Where Are My Millions?!), I wrote about my personal experience. Since then, I’ve spent the past […]

The Big Short: TTI’s Version. But Where Are My Millions?!

SG TTI has a new feature! Right there, at the top bar, under “Latest Corporate News” will be a newsfeed, run by PRNewswire Singapore. Check it out. It’s not very user friendly right now though tbh, I’m not sure if they can incorporate it into the side bar or something, so that it’s constantly running. […]

Evidence Based Investing – TTI’s Case Reports

In medicine, clinicians have to practise evidence-based medicine. What does that mean? It means you can’t just carry out a procedure or a treatment, based on your mood, your personal beliefs or what you personally think will work, even if you have strong personal grounds to believe it’d work, or even if you have good […]

Experts In WEF Davos + Updates On Shinsho Corporation

I’ve been getting myself updated with the views (At least, the publicly stated ones) of experts attending the World Economic Forum in Davos. Not sure why it’s always held there. It looks terribly cold. How to think? LOL. Several years ago, I was stuck in Switzerland for an entire month, and I used that time […]

What A Start To 2018!

The markets are just going crazy! It’s only been 11 days into the new year, 8 of which are trading days, and SG TTI’s portfolio has gotten an explosive start to 2018, like Powell getting out of the starting blocks for the 100m. (I’d use Usain Bolt, but he’s not known to be an explosive […]

Ding Ding Ding! Closing Bell To 2017. Results Are In!

Bye Bye 2017. As I turn my back on 2017, I can’t help but think that its really been a bittersweet year. Dunno if I should be happy or disappointed. My benchmark has always been STI ETF. The rationale is that if over the long term, I can’t beat a passive, idiot proof way of […]