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TTI’s Portfolio Performance – May 2019 + Avenue Therapeutics Updates

May 2019’s a tough month, and no, there’s no new “Best. May. Ever” series… (Continuation of these:) Best. January. Ever. Best. February. Ever. Best. Mar……….. You Know The Drill! TT Portfolio Performance & Review Like most of everyone else, TTI’s portfolio ROI declined in May, alongside the volatility and market uncertainties from the trade wars. […]

Avenue Therapeutics – No Pain, Lots Of Gain?

In an earlier post, I posted a teaser for a new investing thesis: Best. Mar……….. You Know The Drill! Yup, the numbers look absolutely horrendous: The company has no revenue, and losses are chalking up y-o-y. Balance sheet looks terrible too. Negative equity! Ouch. So why is TTI even bothering to look into this, much less […]

Portfolio Divergence From Benchmarks – Thanks Trump!

The 1 major headline in the past few days has certainly been all about the US-China trade negotiations and Trump’s threat to hike tariffs 2 days from now. In the midst of all the uncertainty, the global markets have been roiled and US markets have taken a tumble this week. Whilst I have not predicted […]

TT Portfolio Performance & Review

Just realized that my last overall portfolio performance update was back in June 2018, and I haven’t been updating it for the past 10 months. The page is now updated and revamped. I’ve added in a line chart of the portfolio size, going back to 2011 since I’ve started tracking. Note that this includes any […]

Best. Mar……….. You Know The Drill!

Oh Boy. I really could get used to this. 1 post every mth, “Best ____ Ever” everytime. I’d let the stats do the talking: With yesterday’s massive rise, a huge 15.61% portfolio gain in a single day, the ROI has shot up to 37.76% YTD. NAV sits at USD 606,056.73, crossing the USD 600k mark […]

Best. February. Ever.

OK, not exactly. It’s more like best YTD ever. And that’s only for US/Global portfolio. But I wanted a title for this post that’s a continuation of: Best. January. Ever. You know… kinda like how some stamps come in a set or a series. A picture speaks a mod-zillion words: I’ve said at the 22% […]

APAC Realty – Acquisition Of ERA Centre Is Cashflow Negative

Well, at least until October 2023. But first, let me state that this post is not exactly a discussion on APAC Realty. I don’t own APAC Realty’s shares, I traded it twice, and was fortunate to walk away with a mere couple of grand in profits, but that’s about it. This is specifically, a discussion […]

Guess The Company

Just less than a year ago, I scratched my head and stared at one of the new catalist IPOs. It seemed like a terrible joke then, and I think I was as unsubtle as I could possibly can then. These were the comments I made then in response to news of its IPO: And these […]

Best. January. Ever.

January 2019 is making the -8.8% in 2018 feel like a distant memory. Since my last post, I’ve received some queries asking about my specific positions. With the CNY break around the corner, I’ve some time to put all this up. Some have asked me why I’m no longer putting up my extensive writeups on […]