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Shorting Volatility In The Midst Of Fear

All hell seemed to break lose last week, as the S&P recorded it’s worst week since the GFC back in 2008. Yup, that’s the worst week ever in more than a decade, which also means that the sharp and rapid drop would’ve taken most market participants by surprise. Many newbie or less experienced investors would be […]

Guest Post: Visa By Datascienceinvestor

Title’s self explanatory… “J” from Datascienceinvestor asked to exchange guest posts, but since I hardly bother to post much myself here these days, I declined, but offered to give him a guest post instead. “J” asked for suggestions, and since my last post was on the top 5 generals for my new fund, I suggested […]

TTI’s Top 5 Generals

To concentrate? Or to diversify? This has really been on my mind a lot lately. Buffett says diversification is just an insurance against ignorance. Which is really a fancy way of saying that if you’re not entirely sure, or if you think you are sure but am concerned that the world may throw you a […]

Talent Recruitment For Asia Genesis Asset Management!

After a long hiatus, this is probably going to be a short, but I’m pretty sure, a very much impactful post. Some time ago, I wrote a post about a friend, and that post has been viewed umpteen times (like literally tens of thousands!): Lessons From A Super Investor – A Personal Friend Of TTI […]

Best Robo Advisors In Singapore By ValueChampion

I guess I owe Carrie Arndt from ValueChampion an apology. Having agreed/promised to put up ValueChampion’s post on the rankings of various Robo advisors almost 1 month ago, this post is terribly delayed. In fact, this post must come as a surprise to Carrie cos I haven’t replied the last email for weeks, which is […]

Moment Of Silence Please.

I’ve previously written several times about the absurdity of Beyond Meat’s valuations, and what the market thinks the company would do. To Infinity & Beyond? Nah! I’ve also been shorting BYND by selling naked calls on it for the past several months, and BYND has been extremely well behaved, going in an almost linear fashion […]

+1,680% In 4 Years!

No, silly. That’s not my performance. I wish. As my posts get far and infrequent, each would naturally be a mish mash of several stuff that’s unrelated. So, of course, I’d choose the 1 with the most attention grabbing headline. It’s not scammish though… I’m featuring a friend’s performance. More on that later… @Homan (From […]

To Infinity & Beyond? Nah!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Guys! I’ve come to realize that since my investing thesis on Avenue Therapeutics (Avenue Therapeutics – No Pain, Lots Of Gain?), I suddenly have a band of American readers/fellow investors/subscribers. Apparently, a friend highlighted to me that if you google Avenue Therapeutics, SG TTI’s post on the company is in the […]

TTI’s Portfolio Performance – May 2019 + Avenue Therapeutics Updates

May 2019’s a tough month, and no, there’s no new “Best. May. Ever” series… (Continuation of these:) Best. January. Ever. Best. February. Ever. Best. Mar……….. You Know The Drill! TT Portfolio Performance & Review Like most of everyone else, TTI’s portfolio ROI declined in May, alongside the volatility and market uncertainties from the trade wars. […]