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Healthcare Needs By Age – Analysis Decades By Decades

Recalibrating Healthcare Needs as You Age Like any other piece of finely tuned equipment, the human body needs maintenance and care throughout its life. Also like any mechanism that is continually encountering various stresses and having to perform new functions, the type of maintenance the human body needs will change over time. Childhood and early youth are the time of quickest growth and development, and from around the beginning of one’s 20s, every adult needs to perform some routine health inspection. Some introspection into one’s health-related habits wouldn’t be out of place either. Healthcare Needs in Your 20s You may not realise that when you hit your early 20s, your lifestyle will already impact the quality of your health for the rest of your life. How you lead your life in your 20s will have a significant effect on the quality of your life in old age. This particular decade can be a golden opportunity for you to create a strong foundation for a secure and happy life in your later years. First of all, it would be wise for you to obtain insurance coverage earlier in life rather than later. When you’re in your 20s, there will be a […]

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5 Efficient Online Workouts To Try At Work and Save Time

Worthwhile Online Workouts at Work Exercising regularly requires commitment and time. Most of us can muster up the commitment, but there’s no way to pull several hours out of thin air if workplace and personal obligations don’t allow any time to go to the gym. If you’re one of those people who spends many hours every day on site at your workplace, don’t despair. There are plenty of good online workout videos available that will get you moving towards fitness. Think of using your lunch hour, coffee break or even a few minutes once you put down your pencil at the end of the workday to explore and try some of these routines. Worthwhile Online Workouts at Work – Hang Out with the Sun This online workout is easily found on Kristin McGee’s webpage. It is ideal to consult at work but does require some open space under an emerging morning ray of sunlight. The yoga instructor demonstrates a sequence of yoga positions twice for your convenience. This two-minute workout routine will energise you and refresh your mind every morning, making you more flexible and better able to concentrate on your office tasks throughout the day. It’s best to try […]

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What Science Says About How You Should Use Credit Cards To Be Happier

What Science Says About How You Should Use Credit Cards To Be Happier Some people say you can’t buy happiness with money. But such a blanket statement rarely holds true without qualifications. In fact, in many situations, money can definitely get you a lot closer to happiness. Decades of research have shown that, while money in of itself does not cause happiness, how you spend money can indeed have positive effects on your psychology. In Singapore, credit cards are widely accepted and are effectively equivalent to money. Not only that, credit cards can be even better than cash as they can often earn rewards for people in form of cash back or airline miles. If you’re already getting the best dollar value out of your credit card rewards, here are some research-backed ways you can squeeze more delight out of your next redemption. Sure you can’t redeem credit card rewards for happiness, but they can definitely get you a lot closer. It’s science. Make Other People Happy It is scientifically proven: giving is better than receiving. According to a study from Stanford, the most satisfying way of using money is to “invest in others.” The term “invest” here is used […]

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High-Tech Wearables To Invest In To Spice Your Wardrobe Up

Add High-Tech Wearables to Your Wardrobe Some amazing technological advances have revealed themselves in the past few years. In the meantime, some very high-tech gadgets have also become fashion statements – even going so far that they are worn on the body as an accessory. But very useful accessories they are, as many can help with organising your time and, ultimately, your daily life. Why have High-Tech Wearables become so Popular? As 21st-century citizens, we rely on technological devices to thrive in a highly competitive and challenging world. The combination of stressful responsibilities and workload can dilute our enthusiasm and love for good fun. It’s no wonder we’re constantly on the lookout for shortcuts that help us manage a load of responsibilities while simultaneously enjoying our lives. This is where high-tech wearables are coming in. These wearables enable us to complete most of our essential duties effectively and efficiently. At the same time, they also fulfil some of our essential needs and wants. Everyday consumers want to invest in wearables that make various significant aspects of our lives – like networking, fitness, messaging, healthcare and security – easy to manage in the midst of all our busyness. Why Invest in […]

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The Art of Attracting Customers: 8 Things Women Wish Retail Stores Would Do

Is retail dying a slow death in Singapore? Even Singapore’s famous shopping district, Orchard Road, has seen its vacancy rates hit 8.8% in the first quarter of 2016. This is the highest vacancy rate seen in five years, which is higher than the island-wide average of 7.3%! Suburban malls, online shopping and improvements in last-mile delivery services have threatened the existence of brands operating in brick-and-mortar shops. The government has rolled out the Retail Industry Transformation Map which recommends how retailers can remain competitive in an increasing disruptive landscape. Source: Spring Singapore Among leveraging on bigger initiatives to revitalise the retail industry, such as pedestrianising Orchard Road, pop-up events and themed activities such as the Star Wars festival, what else can retailers do to save their flagging businesses? I attended a Visual Merchandising masterclass organised by e2i (the Employment and Employability Institute) with participants in the retail trade. Photo: Andrew Tan’s Visual Merchandising Masterclass We learnt tips from Andrew Tan, the Singaporean who brought in Japanese products with craftsmanship, heritage and a high level of sophistication to Singapore. Source: Actus by atomi Besides operating his own store atomi at Mandarin Gallery, Andrew and his Japanese wife Mitsuko Murano, also helps retail stores such […]

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Cate Gutowski, GM of Commercial, GE Corporate, On “If You Can See It, You Can Be It” Initiative

Sheer determination and a bold attitude led her to where she is today, a powerful career woman with a strong family network. Her confident voice rang throughout the auditorium as she masterfully weaved visuals from her personal stories into these insights for the recent “If You Can See It, You Can Be It” GE global leadership storytelling initiative: “Being present…When you are there, be all the way in.” “Speak up, make your voice heard.” Cate (Catherine) Gutowski, Vice President of Commercial Digital Thread at GE Digital, is one of General Electric (GE)’s top female leaders with 19 years of experience under her belt. She is currently heading GE’s digital transformation movement- Commercial Digital Thread, a connected digital ecosystem to develop a world-class commercial workforce and maximise the impact of GEs sales teams. Additionally, she is also part of the GE’s Women Network and she is currently leading the “If You Can See It, You Can Be It” initiative. Expanding Beyond Your Comfort Zone The New Savvy: Hi Cate, thanks for having us. Let’s start by telling us about yourself. How did you find your place in GE and specifically, in the digital space? Cate: I started with GE right after college […]

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How Working Women Can Achieve A Work-Life Balance

If you are a working woman, specifically a mother, you probably have heard of the term work-life balance. But what exactly does it mean? It is a term used to identify the various demands that we face in our lives. As the cost of living continues to ris…

Should I Take That Job Offer? Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t.

When we’re presented with a new job and an attractive pay package, it’s tempting to sign on the dotted line immediately and celebrate – who would turn down a high paying job with numerous benefits and bonuses? Before you say yes, however, here are some things you should take note of. The company has very little information or is painted in a bad light. This is an easy one. Do not hesitate to walk when you’re faced with a company tat’s unheard of. Most, if not all companies should have some online presence indicating who they are, what they do and who the founders are. The few companies that aren’t online are probably the mom-and-pop shops you see on the street corner. An exception to this rule would be new business start-ups. However, With regard to just because they claim they’re a start-up, doesn’t mean they are. If a start-up is looking to hire, they would also have all the credentials and papers to show. If they doConcerning The negative reviews, also do your due diligence. A single negative review does not a bad company make. In the same vein, if you see a business with a ton of bad […]

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3 Tips on How to Choose Which Petrol Stations to Use

Petrol prices have been surging in Singapore as of late. According to Global Petrol Prices, a liter of petrol averaged S$2.01 in Singapore during the last week of February, 2017. This is up from S$1.96 in January 2017 and S$1.91 during November 2016. While this level of petrol prices is low relative to 2015 or 2013, it still represents a 5% increase in petrol prices in just 3-4 months, a meaningful spike in cost of living for Singaporeans. As such, consumers must be careful when they are trying to decide where to fill up their cars. But does it really matter which petrol station you should visit? Below, we analyze different aspects of the 4 main petrol companies in Singapore, and help you narrow down your decision making process. With this, you can be confident that you are not losing out on additional savings by driving the extra few blocks to a different petrol stations. Petrol Prices As of 21 Feb 2017, prices for 92 and 95 octane petrol were similar across the 4 companies, though Shell does not provide a 92 octane product. These prices below represent the “gross” price that you see being advertised at the pumps, and […]

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