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How We Did It: Succeed With A Vision Board and A Routine ~TFIF 2017 Series

In this recap series of The Future Is Female conference 2017, we dive into one of the panels, How We Did It: Investment Success Stories One may view success as the ability to set up and run a company on her own. Another may work even harder to lead her company to an IPO before she can consider herself as successful. To Yap Kwong Weng, CEO of Leap (Southeast Asia), success is a journey instead of a destination. “Success is about maximising my own abilities to be great at what I’m good at, it’s about constantly enhancing my strengths and recognising my weaknesses, and most importantly, to remain humble at all times.”- Yap Kwong Weng “More often than not, the human nature has a desire to achieve things quickly, leading to greed and complacency. So I continuously push myself to be better and not to sit on my laurels,” he continued.  Shannon Kalayanamitr, Founder and Group CMO of Orami, brought up the vision board she drew in 2007 and explained how it keeps her on track for her goals and successes. “Ten years later, I’ve actually ticked all of my goals, sort of! For the first time in my life, I […]

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How To Buy Singapore ETFs

There are many reasons why you should buy Singapore ETFs. First of all, this type of investment provides diversity for your portfolio. It is just as flexible as traded shares but it is not as costly to manage. Since the ETF monitors indices and bases calculated returns from it, a single ETF investment exposes your money to a wider market. You get to see daily information about the investment – thus allowing you to monitor how well your money is gaining or losing. The fact that your investment is liquid is like icing on the cake. But why buy in Singapore? Because a report revealed that the Asian ETF is expected to grow 18% each year for the next five years. With the STI ETF as the leading benchmark in Asia, things are looking great for ETF investment in Singapore. The question is, how can you buy Singapore ETFs? What is the best way to buy Singapore ETFs? Probably the best way to phrase the question is what is the best way to do it. The truth is, the easiest way to invest in Singapore ETFs is through a broker. There are two main reasons why. Convenience First of all, […]

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Let’s Talk About: The Future Is Female

The Future is Female, a full day conference held on 8th April 2017, was packed with eleven panel discussions on managing personal finance and career growth. From dishing out investment hacks to investment strategies, the conference curated by The New Savvy empowered its female-only audience with the confidence to take calculated risks and plan for a better future. One message stayed clear throughout The Future is Female – language should not prevent you from progress. Wade through the jargon, redefine your conversational skills with firmness, have open conversations, and leave no doubt behind. Language & Female : Stop saying ‘I Think’ We know language can influence decisions and reactions. However, few of us are aware that we should minimise the usage of emotional terms and highlight our strengths in a proactive manner. The audience was clearly reminded of that during the second panel discussion. Tjin Lee, Founder and Organiser of Audi Fashion Festival Singapore and many other female-oriented companies like Mercury Marketing & Communications and Treehaus, illustrated the importance of language in a succinct way. Why Women Don’t Ask for Help & What You Should Do “The men that I employ are very quick to book my time to have […]

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10 Things You Should Never Apologize For Again as a Woman

Sorry, Not Sorry The habit of women apologizing for almost everything, even for things we do not have to be sorry for, is deeply embedded in our culture. In fact, the idea that women apologize too much is still instilled in us today that someone bothered to create an app to help women to stop apologizing. Perhaps this is a result of centuries of being treated like second-class citizens. Or maybe we have been raised in a society where womanly and feminine values are frowned upon. Maybe it is because society has been so used to women acting according to their standards or how they dictate women should act. Things You Should Never Apologize For Again as a Woman Whatever the reasons are, times have changed, and you need to stop now. Here are the 10 apologies you should never again make as a woman working from home. Your clothing choices As a home-based business owner, you do not have to apologize for “distracting” other people with what you are wearing. You can work with your mini skirt. Neither should you worry when you are in the mood for the ever-comfortable sweatpants. It’s not your job to focus on the […]

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3 Ways You Lose by Not Using a Credit Card in Singapore

Peer pressure is never a good reason why you should do anything. However, when everyone around you is doing a particular thing that you are not doing, there might be a good reason for at least start considering if you should be doing the same thing. Using credit cards is just one of them, especially for people in Singapore. According to the MasterCard’s Mobile Payments Readiness Index, Singapore ranked as the most “mobile payments ready” country in the world with a very high penetration of credit cards. But why are credit cards so popular in Singapore? Although some may think it’s about convenience, there are actually real economic and financial reasons why you should be using credit cards instead of cash. Embedded Processing Fees In Prices First off, while some cash only vendors don’t engage in such practice, most places and things embed the cost of processing payments within their prices. This cost is called the “interchange fee”. When you make a payment with your card, your bank has to send your money to the merchant’s bank, and all of the companies involved in making this payment go through collectively charge fees that amount to this interchange fee. While this […]

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What Types of Funding Options are Available for Companies?

Every business needs capital for development, growth, and expansion. Whether it is a start-up business or a relatively established company, fresh funding allows a business to scale up operations and hire more employees.  The business may also purchase more tools and resources, invest in research and development and more. Why is fundraising important? Sometimes internal funding is not a viable option. This is especially so if the business has not begun to bring in adequate or stable profits. Business owners often turn to external funding from interested investors. There are two main funding options when it comes to raising funds externally – equity investments and debt investments. Funding in Singapore – Seed Capital, Series A, B and C Equity Investments – Shares Equity investments are basically shares or stakes in a company. Investors can buy into a company. The capital investors put into the company enlarges its equity. It also enables investors to receive a cut of the profits that the company declares (i.e. receive dividends). The return to investors depends on how well the company does in terms of revenue and profits. There are two types of shares companies can issue – ordinary shares (also called common or normal […]

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How Outsourcing Can Help You And Your Business To Be More Efficient

Outsourcing, when done right can be amazing. It frees you up from the tasks that require the most time, and lets you do the other tasks that are somewhat more important, like networking and sourcing for opportunities to expand your client base. Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing can help boost your income much more than the expenses incurred paying the outsourced help. Have you ever seen an entrepreneur with a lot of free time? If you have, the chances are that while that entrepreneur owns their own business, a majority of their clerical and support teams are outsourced and not done by the entrepreneur themselves. This gives them the freedom and time to do what they want while giving others a job. It’s a win-win situation for both parties! We’ve identified a few reasons why you should also outsource when you can! Identifying time consuming (and the dreadful) tasks. One reason for outsourcing work is simply to cut down on the more time-consuming tasks. For example, typing a long essay or article can often take days, more so if you’ve to type more than one. A team or a competent typist can typically do it in much less time, which […]

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5 Secrets of Working in Singapore You Didn’t Know

If you are working in Singapore, Labour Day (aka May Day), is more often perceived as a holiday to rest and relax. According to, Labour Day was gazetted as secular public holiday in 1960. It is a day of rest to honour everyone that has worked hard to make Singapore a successful nation. In 1960, Lee Kuan Yew announced the government’s commitment to the welfare of workers. He emphasised that a symbiotic relationship and confidence between the unions, employers and the state (known as tripartism) was imperative for Singapore’s progress. One recent product of tripartism in action is the opening of the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM) to provide advisory and mediation services for salary-related disputes. Here are 5 other secrets about working in Singapore you may not know, until today. 1. Strikes aren’t illegal in Singapore, if planned properly While many parts of the world are already in strike-mode, Singapore seems to take it easy. The last strike we had was the illegal strike by SMRT bus captains in 2012. The last legal strike was the Hydril workers’ strike in 1986. It is possible to still hold a legal strike in Singapore today, provided you go through the […]

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Healthcare Needs By Age – Analysis Decades By Decades

Recalibrating Healthcare Needs as You Age Like any other piece of finely tuned equipment, the human body needs maintenance and care throughout its life. Also like any mechanism that is continually encountering various stresses and having to perform new functions, the type of maintenance the human body needs will change over time. Childhood and early youth are the time of quickest growth and development, and from around the beginning of one’s 20s, every adult needs to perform some routine health inspection. Some introspection into one’s health-related habits wouldn’t be out of place either. Healthcare Needs in Your 20s You may not realise that when you hit your early 20s, your lifestyle will already impact the quality of your health for the rest of your life. How you lead your life in your 20s will have a significant effect on the quality of your life in old age. This particular decade can be a golden opportunity for you to create a strong foundation for a secure and happy life in your later years. First of all, it would be wise for you to obtain insurance coverage earlier in life rather than later. When you’re in your 20s, there will be a […]

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5 Efficient Online Workouts To Try At Work and Save Time

Worthwhile Online Workouts at Work Exercising regularly requires commitment and time. Most of us can muster up the commitment, but there’s no way to pull several hours out of thin air if workplace and personal obligations don’t allow any time to go to the gym. If you’re one of those people who spends many hours every day on site at your workplace, don’t despair. There are plenty of good online workout videos available that will get you moving towards fitness. Think of using your lunch hour, coffee break or even a few minutes once you put down your pencil at the end of the workday to explore and try some of these routines. Worthwhile Online Workouts at Work – Hang Out with the Sun This online workout is easily found on Kristin McGee’s webpage. It is ideal to consult at work but does require some open space under an emerging morning ray of sunlight. The yoga instructor demonstrates a sequence of yoga positions twice for your convenience. This two-minute workout routine will energise you and refresh your mind every morning, making you more flexible and better able to concentrate on your office tasks throughout the day. It’s best to try […]

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