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4 TED Talks by Women You Should Watch

We cannot deny the place TED Talks has earned its rightful, important place when it comes to motivational and awe-inspiring speeches. Whether we are attending a class or a seminar of sorts, we have encountered a couple of their videos one way or another, and for a good reason, too. Here are some of the best TED Talks by women that are worth watching and sharing. The Power of Introverts About the speaker A former corporate lawyer, Susan Cain embraced her dream to become the writer she always wanted to be, writing the book QUIET: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. What it’s about  Did you ever feel like you are, in some way, discriminated against for not wanting to always surround yourself with people? Did you ever question why there is countless groupwork in our schools and workplaces, even those that do not really require being done in teams? These are the issues that Cain address in her powerful speech. With the rise of globalisation, technology, and business, extroversion has come the trait that is more valued and encouraged. But Susan Cain begs to differ; starting with her own story, she has shown convincingly

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3 Tips On Planning Your National Day Long Weekend Holiday

This article originally appeared on ValuePenguin Another long weekend is coming up in Singapore in August: National Day. By taking time off on either the 7th and the 8th or the 10th and the 11th, you can enjoy a 5 day vacation. If you haven’t already planned out your vacation plans, it’s still not too late to start making some travel plans. There are many options available in Asia that are exciting, beautiful and financially affordable. Here are some tips to help you make your decisions. 14 Places You Can Fly To For Under S$300 Roud-Trip According to Kayak, there are still 14 cities that you can fly to for under S$300 for a round trip ticket. Some popular options that stood out were Penang, Yangon, Bangkok, Phuket, PHnom Penh, Manila and Ho Chi Minh City. We looked up prices for non-stop round-trip flights from Singapore to various locations in SE Asia for both 5 August – 9 August trip and 9 August – 13 August trip. For those who are willing to splurge a little more, a flight to Bali or Maldives was still available for around S$600. 5 Aug – 9 Aug Price (SGD) 9 Aug – 13 Aug

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Let’s Begin With You: 5 Steps To Financial Literacy Parenting

Like any parent, the last thing you want is to see your own child suffer from bad money decisions when she or he becomes a young adult. Habits start from young and right. As the primary caregiver, it is your duty to make sure that your child has acquired the right habits in money matters before she or he is influenced by otherwise such as the consumerism culture. Thus, here are 5 steps you can begin with towards creating a financial literacy parenting style for your jewel in the family.   Step 1: Make Up Your Mind If you do not have the mindset to start a habit within the family, it will drastically reduce the effect of the financial literacy parenting method. A child picks up habits from imitations. Hence, things will not go well if you are practising the opposite from what you are trying to cultivate within your child. In addition, you will have to be mentally prepared that you will get questions about your old habits and the change. Be ready to be open about your old (and possibly bad) habits and make it a learning journey with your child. Step 2: Find Teachable Moments There will always

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4 Things Your Travel Insurance Does Not Cover

This article originally appeared on ValuePenguin Singaporeans love to buy a travel insurance policy when planning an overseas business trip or a holiday. For a relatively small amount of money, you can get insurance coverage for a medical emergency, cancellation of your trip, and a host of other events that you can’t plan ahead for. However, although you may feel secure just because you purchase a policy, there are things that even it won’t cover. People forget that buying an insurance policy is not just about getting the lowest price. In order to clarify what you can be covered for, the best thing you can do is to comb through the insurance policy’s terms & conditions and read through its fine prints. However, most people pay very little attention to this document and simply assume that the insurer will pay them for any mishap that occurs on their trip. Nothing could be further from the truth. An insurance claim is payable only if it is explicitly allowed by the terms of the policy. Below, we list a few situations where you may be ineligible to get reimbursed even though you may think that your claim is absolutely valid. 1. Medical

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Six mid-year investment resolutions for a richer H2 2017

We’re now halfway through 2017… and many of us have given up on the self-improvement goals we made at the start of the year. But there’s one goal you can still achieve this year: Making yourself richer. Here are 6 mid-year (why should resolutions only happen at the start of the year, anyway?) investment resolutions that will still make you wealthier through the last half of the year. Resolution 1: Learn to love money If you want to be richer, you need to like money. If you think having a lot of money makes you selfish or greedy, then you’ll probably never become rich. The less you like money, the less money you will likely have. An aversion to money – whether conscious or unconscious – will stop you from getting rich. The biggest hurdle to becoming wealthy is that voice in your head saying money is bad. Ask yourself the following questions, to find out what you really think of money: Is money the “root of all evil?” Does making money take too much time and effort? If I want money too badly, will other people think I’m shallow? Is it bad to think money can buy happiness? If you answer “yes” to

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Are Taxi Rides to Changi Airport Ripping You Off?

This article originally appeared on ValuePenguin Changi Airport is one of the biggest airports in SE Asia. In fact, it ranked as the 17th biggest airport in the world, with 60 million annual passengers passing through in 2016 compared to just 5.6 million people living in the country! While this is mostly because Singapore serves as a transfer hub for people travelling through Southeast Asia, it is also because Singaporeans love to travel. If you frequent Changi Airport, however, you might be surprised to find out that Taxis have been ripping you off on your taxi fare to the airport. Taxi Fares to Changi Airport Changi Airport’s official website states that a taxi ride between the city and the airport should cost around S$20 to S$40, depending on the time of the day and your destination. When we actually estimated the fare between the airport and various parts of the city, we indeed found this to be true. A taxi ride to Bedok, for example, should cost around S$18, while a ride to Jurong could cost about S$37. Given that you probably have a lot of luggage, and a long flight ahead (or just had a long flight), spending S$20

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6 Best Travel Hacks for Backpackers

This article originally appeared on ValuePenguin Traveling overseas can be one of the best ways to learn about different cultures and to expand your perspective. Being in an unfamiliar environment is also a great way to get to know yourself better. At the very least, the people that you meet and the sights that you see will leave you with indelible memories that you will treasure for years. However, many Singaporeans are hesitant about taking that overseas trip. What holds them back? The expense is definitely a consideration. To a lesser extent, many individuals are reluctant to travel as they are unsure about how they will cope in a strange country where they do not know anyone. Backpacking provides an option for those who want to travel on a relatively low budget. You will have to fly economy class and give up most of the luxuries associated with foreign travel, but you will get to see and experience many new countries and people. For those who are planning to go on an extended backpacking adventure, here are some tips that you could find useful in your travels. Look for Air Tickets Online on “Private Browsing” or “Incognito Mode” Travel costs

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4 Easy Tips to Build a Good Credit

Credit is prevalent in our daily life now. From buying of movie tickets with a swift paywave transaction to purchasing of your dream home with a mortgage, credit is used. When speaking of credit facilities, urban dwellers like you and I would find them familiar, holding at least a credit card, car loan or mortgage, just to name a few. Just in the recent year of 2016 alone, over 1.7 million credit applications were made. (CBS Consumer Credit Index) Having a good credit score is an important part of your financial life. A credit score is a number that indicates the probability of an individual going into a default. It is an independent assessment of the individual’s risk as a credit applicant, and how likely he or she is to repay his debts. Banks and lenders love consumers with good credit score. If you have a good credit score, it will be easier for you to obtain credit and help you to achieve the many financial milestones in your life, such as owning your dream house or starting your own business. Here are 4 easy tips that can help you in building a good credit score. Get your credit report

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5 reasons why Singaporean Millennials Like to Rent instead of Buy Property

If you were born between 1980 and 2000, you belong to the Millennial Generation. The youngest of you will be turning 16 this year while the oldest of you are around 35. If you are unmarried, a lot of you are likely to be living with your parents. And by ‘a lot’, we mean a solid, almost-majority figure of 97%, according to a 2013 survey by the National Youth Council. This makes sense – in Singapore, it is considered a cultural norm for children to move out only after getting married. We don’t have the ‘move out once you turn 18’ culture like the West. It is a norm to have three – even four – generations living under one roof. However, did you know that many Millennial Singaporeans rely on AirBnBs to ‘escape’ from their families? According to the article, AirBnb has 600,000 Singaporean customers (out of 5.47 million population!), many of whom are young professionals who use the service to book accommodation to have a bit of privacy with their friends or lover. Why would Singaporean Millennials rent? Why not buy property instead – you can get your privacy and an investment. Let’s explore 5 reasons why Singaporean

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4 Types Of Credit Cards In Hong Kong and How to Choose the Right One

Tips for Choosing the Best Hong Kong Credit Card for Your Lifestyle The use of credit cards in Hong Kong is on the rise. According to an article published on the website of Payments Industry Intelligence, this is the leading payment tool that consumers in this region use. It is believed that this trend will continue to rise until 2019. The volume of credit card transaction in Hong Kong is expected to rise to 547.3 million in 2019 – a far cry from 483.1 million in 2015. The article revealed that the growth in the use of credit cards in Hong Kong can be attributed to the security and the preferred lifestyle of consumers. After all, use credit cards can be quite convenient. With the various shopping opportunities in this region, it is troublesome to carry cash around. It is also not safer. You have to understand that when you lose cash, you lose it forever. When you lose your credit card, you can call the issuer and ask them to freeze your account so no one can use it. These factors make it logical from consumers to prefer credit cards as their primary payment tool. What are the different

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