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Mobile Services: What You Should Know When You Access Your Online Accounts

Will mobile services become more user-friendly? In a recent announcement, 2 of the 3 largest banks in Singapore are taking the lead to remove physical dongles from their services starting next year. This means that the fuss of owning multiple authentication dongles is finally over. A quick overview of the latest announcements from the major banks in Singapore (as of April 2017): DBS: The issuance of physical tokens will cease to distribute by second quarter of 2018 OCBC: Biometrics authentication is under consideration UOB: Expanding digital tokens for its Internet banking users by the end of 2017 4 Ways to Reduce Expenses and Lower Your Monthly Bills What are physical dongles in mobile services? Physical dongles, or commonly known as security tokens, have been around for the last decade or so. These dongles have been commonly used as part of the 2-step verification process for our online transactions. Many of us are familiar with these dongles either from our banking or government services such as the OneKey token for Singpass. Specifically, dongles generate unique keys to unlock software functionalities through a cryptographic protection mechanism (usually an asynchronous password or a one-time password). To put it simply: Terms What We Mean Dongles Plastic […]

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How To Be More Focused At Work & Increase Your Productivity

It’s pretty easy to get sidetracked and lose focus, especially on days where we perceive it to be a long one. Or, we had a late night movie marathon or a football match the night before. Here are some helpful tips to keep the distractions away, and be as productive as you should be! Make lists. One way to help boost your focus at work would be to make lists, both for the short term and the long term. For one, having a long term list would help you in the larger, wider goals that you wish to achieve, such as a particular sales target or even to be a better team player within the department. It can be anything! Then, utilise the short term lists to help you created and follow actionable steps to move along that path that you set for long the long term. This at least will help direct your steps to the ultimate goal of what you want to achieve. Make The Most Of Your Time In A Coworking Space Create a routine. Many experts advocate creating a routine because it doesn’t require active thought, which drains your mental energy that could have been used […]

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3 Unstoppable Singapore Female Entrepreneurs Making Their Dents on the World

How is it to be a woman entrepreneur in Singapore? It can be confidently claimed that the country is one of the best places there is in Asia for female entrepreneurs; in fact, in accordance with Dell’s Women Entrepreneurs Cities Index, Singapore City is the 5th best city for women entrepreneurs in the world, just coming after the Big Apple and the home of Big Ben. If that isn’t enough proof for you, maybe it would be better to hear for yourself from women entrepreneurs in Singapore who are not only making a name in the country but throughout the world. Check out their stories – the struggles as well as their climb to fortune and success – below. The Ultimate, Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur in Singapore Cynthia Chua Think of industries you see the greatest potential and chances of success in entrepreneurship. There is little chance that you thought of the beauty industry, let alone a spa business. But this is what makes Singapore Tourism Board’s Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year of 2012, Cynthia Chua, different from the rest. How she did it:  What motivated the beauty entrepreneur was the fact that Brazilian wax was almost unheard […]

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Interested in ETFs? Get To Know The STI ETF In Singapore

Are you interested in investing in an ETF in Singapore? It is an attractive option because it is just like investing in both mutual funds and stocks. While it is like a mutual fund because it is a collection stocks or bonds, it is also akin to a stock because you can buy and sell it in the local market. An ETF can help you meet several investment goals. It can help you diversify your portfolio. ETF investing is also a cost-efficient option because it is a passive investment – that means lower costs compared to an active fund. It is also easier to add or sell in an ETF investment. The option to actively trade ETFs mean the money you invested remain liquid. In the event of a looming market crash, you can easily respond to it so you can minimise your losses. ETF Investors also get to enjoy higher visibility when it comes to the monitoring of the securities of the fund and how it is performing in the market. After all, an index is usually out there for everyone to see and track. The goal of ETF investing is to track the performance of indices in the […]

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5 Things PMEs Can Do to Elevate To Boss Mode

As PMEs somewhere down the hierarchy in a company, many of us may wonder how to improve our leadership skills. It can be difficult when we don’t have a team to manage, a project to lead or an initiative to spearhead. Although our titles can range from junior/senior/lead executive etc, we are nowhere near the level of C-suite executives. How then can we practise effective leadership in our middle-range roles (or even entry-level roles for fresh graduates)? How can we get ready for the day we are officially given leadership responsibilities? I had the opportunity to interview Er. Chong Kee Sen, Immediate Past President of The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES), on a plethora of issues revolving around leadership. Photo: Er. Chong Kee Sen Er. Chong started work as a young engineer with Randal Consultants in 1987 after he graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Environmental Engineering). In 1989, Randal Consultants later merged with two other companies to become Engineers 9000 Pte Ltd. He was promoted to Senior Engineer. Eventually he was made a shareholder of the firm and is currently its Executive Director. So in short, he rose from a junior engineer to become a shareholder, which […]

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5 Points to Consider Before Renovating Your Home

If you are buying a new flat, it is essential to set aside an additional S$50,000 to S$80,000 to renovate it according to your tastes. Those who have lived in the same house for a period of 10 years or more would need to spend a substantial sum to refu…

Are Friends Your Roadblocking your Financial Progress?

When Friends Obstruct Your Way To Becoming Rich  Your friends are important to you. Fun times together, enjoyable conversations and the knowledge that you can count on each other are a perfect recipe for a great friendship. Still, it takes all kinds to make the world. You may have friends who don’t share your own perspective on money and financial planning. Maybe you feel pressured to join them in their over-the-top spending habits. But wait! Don’t give up on your own good financial planning intentions to protect the friendship. Here’s how to handle some sticky situations. Friends Roadblocking Your Financial Progress by Their very Presence Hanging out with a particular type of friend can profoundly impact how you handle your own finances. A shopaholic friend can encourage you to spend more and a financially savvy friend can inspire you to spend wisely. Most of all, being with a particular friend can lead you to compare yourself subconsciously with everything related to her or him. This is one of the main reasons why you should find friends who have a good influence on you. If you feel like your friend is better than you in one or many ways, you’ll invest […]

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 Don’t Fall For These 4 Car Financing Traps

Car prices in Singapore are the highest in the world. A recent survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) found that the cost of a family car in Singapore was USD153,000. The comparable price in Paris was USD37,800 and only USD22,000 in New York. Why are cars in tise country so expensive? Mainly, government duties and taxes are to blame since the Additional Registration Fee can raise the price of a car by 100% to 180%. Every car owner also needs a government-issued Certificate of Entitlement which can drive prices up by S$40,000 to S$50,000 or even more. As a result of these high car prices, an increasing number of Singaporeans are opting for car loansstudy by the Credit Bureau Singapore found that in 2016, 76,942 new motor vehicle loans were made by the bureau’s member financial institutions. This number reflected a growth of 25.6% over the previous year, and represents 88% of all cars sold in Singapore for that year. However, car financing can be a complex subject and borrowers could benefit by keeping some of the following points in mind when they are shopping for a car loan. 1. What percentage of finance should you take? Monetary Authority […]

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How to Reinvent Yourself Mid-Career : The Art of Career Reinvention

Coming up with the decision to switch careers, especially when you are older and established in your current one, takes a lot of guts. But it is not an impossibility, and neither is success after a mid-career switch. Many others have done it before. But still, we are not going to deny that it is no piece of cake. However, what we can tell you is that there are ways or techniques you can follow that can make your career reinvention more fruitful and increase your chances of success. Think of it as an art; while there’s no one, clear-cut way to do it, there are some skills you can try to improve on as well as tips and techniques you can bear in mind as you make it in the field. Handy Ideas to Help You Thrive in A New Job Plan well. As the saying goes, those who fail to plan are planning to fail. While this is not true in every case, planning beforehand can get you a long way. Better be sure than sorry, right? So how exactly do you do your planning when it comes to mid-career reinvention? Go back to the basics. Grab a […]

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When Gender Bias in Networking Brings Women Nowhere And What To Do About It

“How do I get ahead?” Asks frustrated women in stagnating career paths everywhere. Inevitably, someone will answer, “just network more”. Let’s be frank here. ‘Networking’ is an action, not a solution. And women already excel in it, thank you very much. Women work well in teams – how is that not networking? Women tend to be better at emotional intelligence, and reading social cues – how are those qualities bad for networking? In short, women have the skills in networking, but not the results. So no, I will not accept ‘just network more’ as an answer. It is too insulting to women everywhere. I believe we need to take a closer look at how ‘networking’ fails women, because obviously we are missing out on something big here. According to the working paper of Lily Fang, associate professor of finance at INSEAD and Sterling Huang, a Ph.D. candidate in the same school, 1815 male and female Wall Street analysts in their study start off with an equal number of school-based connections, but male candidates are likely to get more help from their contacts. That is not all. Hiring bias in academic science was exposed after male applicants were viewed as more […]

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