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Health Tips To Protect Yourself From Breast Cancer

Ladies, there are a number of reasons why you need to protect yourself from breast cancer. For one, you get to enjoy life with people that matter. Nothing compares to spending time with your family and creating memories with them. It is also great to be able to travel with friends and explore other places. You can also spend more time pursuing your passion and making a difference in the world. That being said, you need to make sure that you attend to your healthcare needs because your body is like a well-tuned equipment that needs tender loving care. You have to make an effort so you are as healthy as you can be. This will help you prevent sickness and even lower the chances of getting the big “C.” Statistics you need to know about breast cancer There is no way to sugar coat it when it comes down to numbers because The Straits Times explains that breast cancer is the biggest killer of women in Singapore. If you need any more proof that you need to protect yourself from breast cancer, this is the best one. The same report highlighted some key findings from the Singapore Cancer Registry.

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How To Enhance Your Beauty With Foods

In my humble opinion, every living person in the world is beautiful in their own way. Whether physically or mentally, there isn’t a single ugly person that exists. The unfortunate truth is that society simply doesn’t work this way. A huge number of people live on the premise that there are beautiful and ugly people, without a gray middle area. This can lead people that are branded as ugly to feel bad about them. It’s also normal for people to want to feel better about them and improve their overall beauty. If you’re one of those people, this article is going to be perfect for you because you’ll be able to use methods that will enhance your beauty. All of the methods are related to food which means you won’t have a lot of work to do! Lemon Lemons are generally only used in the kitchen and for making lemonade. However, did you know that the lemon has a pretty big number of uses for the skin and overall health? For example, you can take care of hard feet and rough skin by making a mixture of lemon and brown sugar. The lemon is also great for acne as the

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Why You Should Avoid the Monthly Minimum Credit Card Payment Trap

One of the biggest myths prevailing in credit card usage is that minimum monthly payments are designed to help consumers get rid of their balance in a timely fashion. However, as we are about to demonstrate for you below, such a statement cannot be farther away from the truth. In fact, making only the minimum payments on your credit card bill can cause your interest charges to skyrocket, inflating the total cost of your credit card debt. According to Value Penguin’s calculation, making only the minimum payment requirement every month on a credit card balance of S$10,000 can take you 21 years to pay down your entire balance. We based our calculation on two things. First, the average APR of credit cards is around 25%. Then, to obtain the time it takes to pay off a balance of S$10,000, we modeled credit card debt payback by using a method that most banks use to set their monthly minimum card payment: 3% of the remaining balance or S$50, whichever is greater. Each month, a consumer reduces the balance by the minimum payment amount, which is offset by some increase in balance from interest charges. Because your payments are based on the percentage of your

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Property Cycle In Hong Kong And Where Are We Now?

Property Cycle In Hong Kong And Where Are We Now? If you are serious about investing in your first real estate, you have to understand the property cycles in Hong Kong. Before you even think about searching for a house to buy, it is important to do your research. You need to understand the housing market in Hong Kong – particularly as it is one of the most expensive in the world. In case you haven’t noticed, the housing prices have gone up and down in recent years. This is in line with the movement of the real estate market in the property cycle. If you learn how to read the signs, you will know when is the best time to buy a property. There is a phase in the cycle wherein property prices are low and the value poised to rise in the coming months. That is usually the best time to buy a property. You can immediately gain from your property investment if you purchase a house at the right time. You need to identify the signs that point towards the perfect time so you can maximize your investment. What is the property cycle in Hong Kong? So

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How Much Risk Do Homes in Singapore Actually Face?

When you last moved into a new place, you probably remember either purchasing or hearing about purchasing an insurance policy for your home. But how much risk does your home actually face and are these policies worth your money? Here, we delve into a few main factors that could potentially put your home or your home contents at risks: namely fire and theft. Probability of Residences Experiencing Theft, Fire or Break-In According to ValuePenguin’s assessment of the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defense Force’s data, a resident household in Singapore has approximately 0.5% probability of experiencing either a theft, housebreaking or fire in their residence in any given year. This is based on 2,818 residential fires, 285 housebreakings and 3,151 thefts in the dwelling that occurred in 2016 compared to 1.26 million resident households in the country. Luckily, these incidents have been declining in their frequency quite dramatically over the last few years. For instance, the number of residential fires has declined by -14%, housebreaking by -68% and theft in the dwelling by -28% since 2010. *Theft in Dwelling from 2010 to 2014 was estimated by VP While 0.5% may not sound like a very high number, it can

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Top 9 Myths About Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may not be as cut-and-dry as you might think. Keep reading to see if you’ve fallen prey to the top 9 common myths and misconceptions about travel insurance. 1. Travel insurance is unnecessary You might think that travel insurance is nothing more than another clever scheme cooked up to part you from your money, and is unlikely enough to come in handy that it’s not worth going to the trouble to buy. But the chances that you’d be mistaken seem to be rising. According to claims data published by AIG Singapore in a 2017 report, “high-impact incidents” such as extreme weather conditions, medical outbreaks, or even sociopolitical events like terrorist attacks are 85% more likely to happen on your next vacation out of Singapore than only 3 years ago. And apparently, the number of claims AIG has received in the last three years resulting from sociopolitical causes such as political instability, terrorist attacks, coup d’etat or stricter border security have more than doubled compared to previous periods. Overall, AIG considers these high-impact incidents the top emerging risk for Singaporean travelers this year. What do extreme weather conditions, medical outbreaks, and terrorist attacks have in common? They cannot be expected or anticipated and

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How Investments Are Taxed In Hong Kong

How Investments Are Taxed In Hong Kong If you are interested in investing, you have to understand the tax implications of your investments in Hong Kong. Most people would cringe at the word “tax” because it seems complicated and very confusing. The computation and the various rules surrounding it make people hesitant to pay their taxes. In Hong Kong, employees are responsible for calculating and paying their own taxes. Unlike the other nations, it is not deducted from the income automatically. If you do not take the time to learn how to do it, you might pay the wrong amount and that could land you in trouble. Fortunately, the tax rules in Hong Kong is quite simple. According to the data from, Hong Kong has a simple tax system. When compared to 189 economies, it is revealed that this region has a very tax-friendly economy. There are only three direct taxes to pay: salaries tax, profits tax, and property tax. These three do not only have a straightforward process, it also has a lot of deductions that can reduce the taxes that you will pay. When you have investments in Hong Kong, you do not have to worry about

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6 Things You Need to Know Before Embarking on a Home Renovation Project

For homeowners looking to improve their homes’ living conditions or to boost their values, renovation can seem like a daunting task. To help you understand and orchestrate this process smoothly, we’ve compiled a list of considerations important to a successful home remodeling project. Get the basics first Not all expensive projects add much value to your home. In fact, you should prioritize renovating some of the most basic but not-so-conspicuous features like windows, doors, electrical wiring, and plumbing. These types of projects typically cost under S$10,000 all combined, whereas a luxury kitchen renovation, for example, can cost S$30,000 alone. You can live with a S$20,000-kitchen instead of a S$30,000 one, but you should never have a leaking ceiling, a non-functional faucet, or a room without electricity. No potential buyer, not even you, would want to live in such a home. Therefore, it is much more financially prudent to allocate your budgets to these foundational features first, before spending the rest on giving a “wow” touch to your property. Some renovation works to pay off better In terms of the money you get back per every dollar you spend (return on investment or ROI), not all renovation projects are equal. For example, minor

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Financial Preparations Before You Start Your Business In Hong Kong

Financial Preparations Before You Start Your Business In Hong Kong If you want to start your business, you need to make a lot of financial preparations to make it happen. While women have a lot of opportunities to work in Hong Kong, there is still a significant pay divide that bothers a lot of the talented ones. According to an article published in the South China Morning Post, more women are trying to become entrepreneurs. Apparently, they are not given the same compensation as their male counterparts. This is not because they are less talented or skilled. It is because they are women. The truth is, equality between men and women have come a long way – it is evident in the way women are treated and accepted in the workplace. However, you can still see that there is a lot of room for improvement. The same article revealed that more women are choosing to be self-employed – although there is a decline in women entrepreneurs. They are probably opting to be free from the employment rat race, but they do not like to be burdened with starting their company. While being self-employed is still remarkable, there is something better

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5 Things Your Friends Say About Personal Loans That Are Wrong

Personal loans are incredibly popular in Singapore. Given that they neither require a collateral nor limits how you can use the money, it’s not surprising that even Google sees the highest level of consumer interest in this product than other financial instruments. However, there are also many misconceptions about this product that can cost you if you believe them. Source: Google’s APAC Financial Dashboard Misconception 1: Personal loan is the best way to pay off credit cards Personal loans used to be one of the best ways to pay off one’s credit card debt. However, this is no longer the case. Earlier this year, MAS introduced a new instrument called debt consolidation plan, which is effectively a spinoff of personal loan that is specifically designed for paying of other liabilities. While personal loans can be used for any purpose, debt consolidation plans have a more specific use of paying off your loans and therefore charge a slightly lower interest rate. For instance, HSBC offers one of the lowest interest rates for both personal loans and for debt consolidation plans in Singapore. However, its debt consolidation plan is 0.1% to 0.8% cheaper than its personal loan offering for tenures between 1 and 7 years.

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