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Career Savvy Up: How to Be A Cool Business Traveller

Travelling for business is not an easy feat because business travellers have to be ambassadors for their companies while maintaining their productivity on the go. Business travelling is not for everyone but often such trips are avoidable especially if we want to expand our businesses or advance our career in this globalised economy. As such, do yourself a favour and treat every trip as a new positive experience! Unhappy At Work: Get To The Root & Change How You Feel Here are some tips that can help you enhance your business travelling experience while on-the-go: More pointers for business travellers Avoid checking in your bags to save time. Instead, try to pack your things into 2 equal-sized handheld bags so that you can store them safely in the cabin storage and the space in front of your seat. Choose your clothes wisely and dress for a job. You are still the ambassador of your company despite the inconvenience and you will never know if you might meet anyone who can help you on this trip. It would be best that they can be mixed and matched for all occasions from casual to formal settings. Pack the things you need onboard separately for easy […]

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A Handy Tool for Travellers and Entrepreneurs: Multi-Currency Accounts

Multi-currency accounts and services are becoming popular in the last few years. If you are a traveller or a cross-border business owner, you may wish to read on to find out how this kind of account can help you with your transactions! In the attempt to facilitate a cashless ecosystem, banks in Asia are offering multi-currency accounts to their account holders. Increasingly, there are more varieties of multi-currency accounts available with the rise of mobile payments and other cashless solutions. Such accounts can range from basic multi-currency savings/current accounts to more complicated products like multi-currency FX trade accounts. Foreign Exchange 101: How to Invest in the FX Market Let’s start with the basic. What Is A Multi-Currency Savings Account? It is a savings account that allows the user to save a fixed number of local and foreign currencies. Similar to a wallet, this account is able to contain different currencies at any one time. Users can choose to either purchase foreign currencies through the banks or deposit foreign currency cash into their accounts. What Are The Benefits Of Using This Type Of Account? You can pay for your foreign transactions directly online without fussing over multiple conversion fees. You can […]

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3 Pitfalls of Choosing the Wrong Credit Card

This article originally appeared on ValuePenguin For many people, the convenience of not needing to carry a thick wallet filled with cash is often a good enough of a reason to have a credit card. Some others often just get whatever credit card their friends recommend, without really considering how such a card fits into their own unique set of needs. However, believe it or not, choosing the wrong credit card can easily cost you hundreds of dollars. A card that works well for your friend may not always work out well for you. Mismatch of Rewards and Spending Habits For example, let’s say your friends all use Citibank Cashback Credit Card, and recommended it to you as the best deal you could possibly get. Thinking your current set of credit cards is suboptimal, you get the Citibank Cashback Card. What you may not have realised when doing this, however, is that, while Citibank Cashback Card is easily considered one of the best cash back cards in Singapore, it is actually not that great unless you spend mostly on food, but not on other things like travel, entertainment or shopping. In other words, the “best” credit card for you really […]

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3 Tips on How to Get Rid of Your Piling Personal Debt and Credit Card Balance

This article originally appeared on ValuePenguin Personal debt is a growing problem for Singapore’s consumers. According to ValuePenguin’s study, unpaid credit card debt and personal loans represent 46% of S$55,000 household debt per capita of an average person in Singapore. Sure, having loans for your home or your car is a reasonable cost of living that you can’t avoid, but if you have S$20,000 to S$30,000 of credit card debt or personal loan, you really need to be looking for ways to become debt-free quickly. These loans can easily cost you 15-25% in interest every year, which can add up to thousands of dollars. But what are the best ways to actually repay these high cost loans quickly? Our team at ValuePenguin has investigated the best financing options to help guide you back to financial health and happiness. If You Have A Small Amount Of Debt that You Can Repay In 12 Months: Balance Transfer Loans If you have a growing balance of unpaid credit card bills, you might want to consider getting a balance transfer loan from bank. Basically, you can transfer your credit card balance to a different bank, and get a “grace period” of 3 to 12 […]

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6 Precautions to Take When Canceling a Credit Card

This article originally appeared on ValuePenguin Banks regularly introduce new variants of credit cards with enticing features, like waived annual fees or S$100 in welcome bonus cash rebate. If you keep taking up some of these offers, you may soon end …

How to Keep Your Brand Authentic in the Digital World ~TFIF 2017 Series

In this recap series of The Future Is Female conference 2017, we dive into one of the panels, How To Keep Your Personal Brand Authentic In The Digital World.  Humanise your brand to connect with your audience Always ensure your brand is relatable Stay true to yourself as much as possible both online and offline. Localise your way of connecting with your demography based on the different types of audiences and platforms These are the four major takeaways from the panellists. Equipped with successful businesses and awards, the panellists were open about their personal experiences and advice. Humanise Your Brand “Tell your story from a personal point of view to engage best with your audience. It is all about the human-to-human connection whether online or offline and marketing your brand the way you want to be marketed to is important,” Khoo Yin, Senior Vice President of FleishmanHillard pointed out. Pauline Ng, Founder of Porcelain, The Face Spa agreed wholeheartedly with the importance of humanising the brand. She explained that she formulated her marketing strategy by thinking about the brand as a person. “Who is Porcelain? What are the things that Porcelain goes through in a typical day? What might interest Porcelain? […]

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How to Get the Best Personal Loan for Your Holiday

This article originally appeared on ValuePenguin Most people with a traditional approach to their finances may think that they shouldn’t borrow money to go on a holiday. Being financially conservative usually means that, while taking a loan for buying your own home or a car is acceptable, borrowing to fund an overseas trip would be frowned upon. However, there are a few instances where doing so could be justified. First and foremost, you should already have a decent financial standing: if you have a good amount of income compared to your normal level of expenditures and if you are without much debt, taking out a personal loan to make a holiday of your dream happen shouldn’t be too bad of an idea. Secondly, this is especially the case if you are planning your honeymoon; for a once-in-a-lifetime event, spending a few thousand dollars more can be worth a lifetime of amazing memories, as long as you can safely handle paying back your loan over time. Luckily, a personal loan is a decent way to finance your vacation if you don’t have enough savings because its interest rates are quite low compared to other possible sources of funding like credit card […]

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5 Best Travel Hacks for Business Travellers

This article originally appeared on ValuePenguin To the outside world, travelling overseas for business seems to be both thrilling and glamorous. Who wouldn’t like to visit another country on an all-expense-paid trip? But for those who are constantly jetting off on work, the excitement soon wears off. When you are on a business trip, you need to be absolutely punctual – being late for meetings just won’t do. You probably have to juggle several activities simultaneously, leaving you little time for relaxation or sometimes even sleep. How can you then, as a businessperson travelling out of Singapore, make the most of your trip professionally? While each business trip may differ, here are some tips that you may find useful for every trip. Use an airline miles credit card to save on ticketing costs Booking tickets can be one of the most time-consuming and arduous tasks for a professional planning an overseas business trip. Comparing different airlines’ ticket costs and deciding on the most suitable time to take your flight can lead to a very frustrating experience for even the simplest of bookings. This is where using a credit card specifically tailored to take advantage of airline offers comes in. By their […]

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I Just Want a Fair Price: 2 (Additional) Things to Take Into Consideration when You Buy or Sell Your Home

If you know a little bit about property, you will know this: a lot of things affect the price of properties. You already know some of them: location, amenities, condition, neighbourhood, accessibility, timing – things like that. In property buying and selling, (obviously) it will be in the seller’s best interest to sell the property at a higher price for bigger profit, and it will be in the buyer’s best interest to purchase the property at a lower price for a smaller mortgage. So how does one get a fair price (or close to it) that will satisfy both the seller and the buyer? Here are 2 additional things to take into consideration if you want a fair price when you buy or sell your home. ‘Fair’ is Subjective Homeowners will always wear rose-tinted glasses when they look at their properties. They bought or inherited the house. They might have even lived in the house their whole lives. They spent a lot of money over the years for maintenance and fixing numerous wears and tears.  They have had immeasurable happy memories in every nook and corner. In short, homeowners will tend to think that their property is worth a lot […]

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How To Encourage Your Child To Have A Productive School Break With Money Lessons?

Money lessons are often hard to integrate into your child’s life when they are occupied with school and homework. Thus, school holiday is the perfect time for your children to take a break and focus on other aspects of their life skills. Why don’t take this chance to guide them on how to manage their money like a grown-up? You can always engage your child in the practice of budgeting despite his or her age. You can either offer a token of money as a reward to your child for helping with the household chores or allow your child to work for someone. The first paycheck is always a means of freedom for your child. Setting a precedent for life, this paycheck is significant as it affects how your child would view money budgeting in time to come.   Set a Good Example You can demonstrate financial responsibility by involving all your immediate family members in money management activities. There is no limit to age and it is better to expose your child to the operations of the family as soon as possible. Start by reviewing the family budget together and let your child be aware of the monthly household […]

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