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DOW 21,000 : What’s Next and Its Valuation

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I think it
is time for me to update the world major stock market’s valuation by “ Regression to the Mean ”  after DJ exceeded 21,000 mark in such
a short period after hitting 20K level.

Always remembered
that “ Reversion to mean “ is just a “statistical phenomena “ and it may take
much longer time to “reverting to mean” if market is in bubble or irrational

Saving : Monitoring your Expenses or Behavioral

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  Personal Cash Flow Management

I have seen
many blogs written about monitoring the expenses and some some blogger’s recommendation of apps which could
monitor our expenses in detail .

Frankly, I
didn’t monitor my expenses in such manner and I “ agak-agak”  know how much I spent monthly on those fix
items and some major items yearly such as

Stock Investing May Not be For Everyone

First of all
, allow me to quote below from a legendary investor ( some may call him great
speculators and some may not agree with that as the way he took his own life in 1940 )
: Jesse Livermore

“ The game of speculation is the most

Investment Using SRS fund – My Experience

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articles have been written on SRS Account and it’s pro and con. You may find few
good blogs and summary as below :

(‘SRS’) ACCOUNT from HeartlandbOY  (here

Is the Sup…

Privatization : The Good or The Bad ?

Is Privatization Good for Investors ?

You may find two articles/news of privatization
in today’s The Business Time ( one is Auric Pacific and the other is Healthway
Medical ) which is quite rare and one might be pondering why so many

立春 : To Deposit money or Buy share ?

You may notice a very long queue at bank today while people are queuing to deposit their money into the bank , reason being today is the day of "  立春"     in Chinese customs …

Well, believe it or not , it represent " ceaseless of income " throughout the year and also, to invite good luck , peoples always wear in red , orange , yellow or gold color during this day.

What exactly is " 立春"