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Privatization : The Good or The Bad ?

Is Privatization Good for Investors ?

You may find two articles/news of privatization
in today’s The Business Time ( one is Auric Pacific and the other is Healthway
Medical ) which is quite rare and one might be pondering why so many

立春 : To Deposit money or Buy share ?

You may notice a very long queue at bank today while people are queuing to deposit their money into the bank , reason being today is the day of "  立春"     in Chinese customs …

Well, believe it or not , it represent " ceaseless of income " throughout the year and also, to invite good luck , peoples always wear in red , orange , yellow or gold color during this day.

What exactly is " 立春"

Dow 20,000 !!

<image credit : CNN/Money>

This has become the headline news for major financial newspapers
or webs , DOW Index finally broke through the psychological level or resistance
of 20,000.

 As for me , although it’s a milestone but it just a “figure” without
looking into the fundamental or valuation of the market .

You may find below news interesting to read :

From CNBC : Dow

A Tale of Two AGMs ( Fraser Commercial REIT vs Fraser Hospitality Trust )

<Image credit to>

Fraser Commercial Reit AGM this morning (in spite of heavy downpour , the turn
up was quite good ) and also Fraser Hospitality Trust AGM on last Thursday.

From time to
time I did attend company’s AGM and try to get some insight of what’s going on in the company, especially if there is any particular issues which I think there
might be important

What is your investment goals and target ?

When you invest your hard earned
money, how much of a return do you expect to get from your investment ? Those
who are new to investing will often say, “I want to earn a return of 20% to 50%
on my investment—every year.” But is this realistic?…

How to retire in 10 years

You may have
came across this article in today’s The Business Times ,,, an interesting
article in searching of “ The Freedom formula “ for early retirement .

The big word
“ R”  or retirement is very subjective
and one may not want …

The Memo All the Serious Investor Should Read

"When I see memos from Howard Marks in my mail, they’re the first thing I open and read. I always learn something, and that goes double for his book," Warren Buffett has said.

 Here  ( Click )  is the latest memo from Howard Marks on " Expert Opinion " ! 

Quoted below summary on his view about  expert opinion and making economic forecast .

// Quote //

My Opinion of Opinions