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What I Learned From These Two Blog Posts

You might
have noticed that the frequency of me updating my blog post has reduced recently. 

Yah .. I have been busy catching “Pokemon” and running around many parks which I
never or have no time to explore before during full time working …

Special Situation (Event) Investing

What is a ‘Special Situation’ Investing ?

You may or
may not heard about this before but below shall give you some clue or clearer definition

Time to explain : From Wikipedia :

Special situation in
finance is an event turning business …

AGM ( Annual General Meeting ): "Food" For Thought!!

looking at the piling up of “Annual Reports “ be it in the form of CD-R or book" ,
we know that company’s AGM is just around the corner. As stocks investors ,
you will have same experience as these annual report keep coming in to your
mail box during this time.

Company are
required by law to hold a general meeting of its shareholders each year (the
Annual General Meeting – "

Personal Finance is Really Personal (CPF / Insurance/ Housing /Saving /Investing etc)


Personal finance is an interesting subject which is
really “ Personal “ as there are
many factors affecting a person or family’s finances – how much to keep as
saving vs investing , to buy term or life insurance , to take up HDB loan or
from private banks , to buy HBD or Condominium and of course the hottest topic
of CPF ( to transfer our OA to SA or

How to Prepare for Rising Interest Rate

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So, it is final
that FED increased interest rate by 25 basis points on last Wednesday and you
could easily find news and comments on the impact of stocks and economy with
this rate hike.  But at least the rate hike
is seen as vote of confidence in US economy which has witness increasing
inflation and job growth and of course market react positively on

Where have all the Manhattan tenants gone ?

I read therefore I write

This is an
interesting article about increasing vacancies rate at high end shopping
district at Downtown Manhattan in today’s The Business Time.

Quoted from
the article “ Dusty windows on Madison Avenue. Ghostly tr…

Dividend Update : 1st Qtr 2017

All Roads Lead to Rome :

Dividend Income
Investing may not suit everyone as it is more passive and slow way of investment
strategy. Some may opt for more aggressive or growth type of investment as
their core strategy but I think many ways or…

DOW 21,000 : What’s Next and Its Valuation

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I think it
is time for me to update the world major stock market’s valuation by “ Regression to the Mean ”  after DJ exceeded 21,000 mark in such
a short period after hitting 20K level.

Always remembered
that “ Reversion to mean “ is just a “statistical phenomena “ and it may take
much longer time to “reverting to mean” if market is in bubble or irrational