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Dividend Update : 1st Qtr 2017

All Roads Lead to Rome :

Dividend Income
Investing may not suit everyone as it is more passive and slow way of investment
strategy. Some may opt for more aggressive or growth type of investment as
their core strategy but I think many ways or…

DOW 21,000 : What’s Next and Its Valuation

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I think it
is time for me to update the world major stock market’s valuation by “ Regression to the Mean ”  after DJ exceeded 21,000 mark in such
a short period after hitting 20K level.

Always remembered
that “ Reversion to mean “ is just a “statistical phenomena “ and it may take
much longer time to “reverting to mean” if market is in bubble or irrational

Saving : Monitoring your Expenses or Behavioral

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  Personal Cash Flow Management

I have seen
many blogs written about monitoring the expenses and some some blogger’s recommendation of apps which could
monitor our expenses in detail .

Frankly, I
didn’t monitor my expenses in such manner and I “ agak-agak”  know how much I spent monthly on those fix
items and some major items yearly such as

Stock Investing May Not be For Everyone

First of all
, allow me to quote below from a legendary investor ( some may call him great
speculators and some may not agree with that as the way he took his own life in 1940 )
: Jesse Livermore

“ The game of speculation is the most

Investment Using SRS fund – My Experience

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articles have been written on SRS Account and it’s pro and con. You may find few
good blogs and summary as below :

(‘SRS’) ACCOUNT from HeartlandbOY  (here

Is the Sup…

Privatization : The Good or The Bad ?

Is Privatization Good for Investors ?

You may find two articles/news of privatization
in today’s The Business Time ( one is Auric Pacific and the other is Healthway
Medical ) which is quite rare and one might be pondering why so many