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IPO : Tell Me A Story

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 This year should
be a good year for SGX as we           have seen many  IPOs in first half of 2017 and       as
for retail investors , many  should be excited          busy pressing button at ATM to
apply for the              IPOs ,expecting to have some quick bucks if              successfully being  allocated with some share.

The latest

Portfolio Construction : To Diversify or Not to Diversify ?

As investors, when we think about Risk-Reward
analysis, the first thing pop up in our mind automatically will be the word “

This is what been mentioned in Investopedia
about the importance of Diversification :

"Diversification is a technique
that reduces risk by allocating investments among various
financial instruments, industries and other categories. It aims to

1-2-3 To Be A Successful Investor


If you are looking
for investing ideas or methods of successful investment , guess you will often
hear this in any investment seminars , talks or even encountered this many
times in newspaper or blogs , i.e “Investing is simple, not easy” ,the famous quote from our legendary and super-investor Warren Buffet.

As human
nature , we like to simplify things

1st HF 2017 – Net Worth and Portfolio Review

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Had seen
many bloggers busy updating their portfolio recently right after the last day of
June , allow me to come and join the party.

Thank GOD ,
there was no market crash in 1st HF of 2017 and in fact STI has
outperformed many regional peers with returned of close to 13% YTD ( excluding
Dividend Yield of around 3-3.5 % which is also one of the

HPH Trust : 一只让人又爱又恨的蓝筹股

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HPH Trust
has been one of the worst performer blue chips within the STI Index component. It
has created a hype during IPO in 2011 where investors being attracted with high
dividend yield and promising growth story of China’s export and full potential
of containerization.

But the
reality was that, with the increasing and fierce competition from

2nd Qtr 2017 : Dividend and Portfolio Update

The last company in my holding “ Accordia Golf Trust “ announced
the result and dividend on 25th May while I was still busy catching “Pokemon “ . Is time to calculate and tabulate my dividend & interest income to be received in coming months for 2nd Qtr 2017

Total Dividend & Interest Income for
2nd Qtr 2017 = $62,964.11

** Total
amount receive still about $972 lower than last

STE Smart Beta Update and Photos Sharing

It has been quite sometimes since my last update of STE
Smart Beta Index which was created on 28 Aug 2016 (
here ) and Yah !! Just for Fun  J

STE SM Index beat the STI Index by just 2 % points and if
take into consideration of dividend yield w…

A Tale of Diversification ( Part 2 )

In previous blog post , I have shared my experience of
diversification into Telcos and O&G industries which is still sitting on
paper loss of more than – $12 K ( here
). In today’s part 2 , I am going to further elaborate my story of
diversification into banking sector since 2016.

Some may still vividly remember that banking stocks has been
beaten-down in end 2015 and early 2016 due to

A Tale of Diversification ( Part 1 )

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As you may
notice from my portfolio (here
) which is very much skewed toward high yield counters like REITs and Business
Trust. I would recognize and think that this is not good 
in the long run as asset concentration in just one or two sectors in my portfolio , as
such , I try to diversify and accumulate some non-REIT or Business Trust