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The Importance of Behavioral Finance in Investment Decisions

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Finally , one
of my favorite and top Behavioral  Economist
Richard H Thaler
from University of Chicago won the 2017 Nobel Laureate in Economics , joining
other top behavioral economist like Robert J. Shiller and
 Daniel Kahneman  in the list of Nobel Laureate.

He has been recognized
by many insightful research link to economic decision and psychology like

Do We Need to Spend Few Thousand $$$ on Investment Courses ?


One of the
reader email me and asking about the idea of attending an investment course which
cost him few thousand dollars. I am quite reluctant to give advice in this
regards as I never attended any investment course before and not sure about the
useful and effectiveness of such courses.

For me ,
investing is a long learning journey and

The Power of Dividend


In stocks
investing , you probably heard about the “ growth stocks “ , “dividend stocks “
, “large cap / mid –cap “ or “ blue chips “ etc .. and depending on your “desired
and expectation” of the ROI of your investment , you may choose what kind of
stocks to be included in your portfolio.

For most of
the investors , I am sure you would have included some “

STE Smart Beta Update : 30th Aug 2017

Time flies ,
It has been more than a year after my first published of STE Smart Beta concept
and bench-marking against STI Index.

FYI , I have
started my STE Smart Beta on 28th Aug 2016 with capital of $100K with equal
weighted investing in 14 stocks which fall under the criteria of PE<10 or
Dividend Yield >5%.

You may find
the detail in this link (here

Now , let’s

Market Timing Vs Time In The Market ?

There was an
article about the important of “Market Timing vs Time in The Market “ by Mr. Goh
Eng Yeow ,Senior Correspondent ,The Straits Times on 20th Aug and
you may find the detail as below :

the investment pros at their game

3rd Qtr 2017 : Dividend and Portfolio Update

getting the result announcement from Croesus Retail Trust this morning , all
the company I have vested has announced their quarterly result respectively. Is
time for me to update my Dividend & Interest income which I will be receiving
in 3rd Qtr 2017.  

Dividend & Interest Income ( 3rd
Qtr 2017 ) = $46,539.36

YTD 2017 Dividend
& Interest Income = $146,097.02

The total

Investment Clock : What Time Is It ?

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Pursuant to
my previous blog post about market cycles and “4 Seasons Investing “, there is
another way of explaining the market cycles i.e “ Investment Clock “.

The idea of
an investment clock has been around for decades and it captures two very important things in investment :  

1) Business and Market move in cycle 

2) No
sector or asset

太极生两仪,两仪生四象 : The Tao Of Investing

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Feel Good About Your BULL Market Returns


It has been
quite sometimes since my last update of the “Regression Chart “ for STI and
world major indexes.

After seeing
the chart with latest data , I realized that no wonder everyone seems happy on the
ROI of their portfolio and bullish about the market recently as STI hit above
3200 level.

Here you go….

** For the first time

IPO : Tell Me A Story

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 This year should
be a good year for SGX as we           have seen many  IPOs in first half of 2017 and       as
for retail investors , many  should be excited          busy pressing button at ATM to
apply for the              IPOs ,expecting to have some quick bucks if              successfully being  allocated with some share.

The latest