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The Book I’m Reading Now

I took out this book from my bookshelf recently and re-read
it again, with much curiosity, I wanted to find out if I could learn something from
past financial crisis and if there is any similarity of past crisis vs recent crazy
price movement of Bit-…

How To Spend Your Year End Bonus ?

<This article first appeared in “Seedly” on 13th  Dec 2017 , one of the leading
social network for investors who believe that anyone can achieve financial
freedom with the right tools and the right mindset .  ( here
) >


 Time flies
and we are at the end of 3rd Qtr 2017 with Thanks Giving just around
the corner and follow by Christmas celebration. I guess most of the investors

4th Qtr 2017 : Dividend and Portfolio Update

Is time to see many update from financial bloggers  on their year- end portfolio review  and total dividend to be collected in 2017 ,
including B ( here
) and me of course.

Time flies , as usual with the last company to have
announced …

Q&A : Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin ?

(from Wikipedia )

Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system called
the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central
repository or single administrator. It was inve…

CPF-Investment Scheme – My Experience

CPF-IS has been a hot and never ending
topic since DPM Tharman made a comments in 2016 that “the scheme was not fit
for purpose “ because over the last 10 years, more
than 80 per cent of those who invested through the scheme would have been

The Importance of Behavioral Finance in Investment Decisions

<Image credir:>

Finally , one
of my favorite and top Behavioral  Economist
Richard H Thaler
from University of Chicago won the 2017 Nobel Laureate in Economics , joining
other top behavioral economist like Robert J. Shiller and
 Daniel Kahneman  in the list of Nobel Laureate.

He has been recognized
by many insightful research link to economic decision and psychology like

Do We Need to Spend Few Thousand $$$ on Investment Courses ?


One of the
reader email me and asking about the idea of attending an investment course which
cost him few thousand dollars. I am quite reluctant to give advice in this
regards as I never attended any investment course before and not sure about the
useful and effectiveness of such courses.

For me ,
investing is a long learning journey and

The Power of Dividend


In stocks
investing , you probably heard about the “ growth stocks “ , “dividend stocks “
, “large cap / mid –cap “ or “ blue chips “ etc .. and depending on your “desired
and expectation” of the ROI of your investment , you may choose what kind of
stocks to be included in your portfolio.

For most of
the investors , I am sure you would have included some “