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Fear of Rising Interest Rates

Interest rates increase was really a hot topic in last two
weeks since US 10 Years Treasury Note hits above 3% for first time since 2014.
Market also react negatively with full of comments on interest risk due to this

10-year Treas…

My Realized Loss


“Soon after I bought the stock
recommended by my broker, its value dropped by half so I decided to cut loss “,
sounds familiar right.  While investing
in financial markets over the long-term is an excellent path to wealth, it’s
not unusual to experience occasional losses as investment values goes up and
down, depending on market cycles.


STE Smart Beta : Not so Smart !

It has been quite
sometimes I never update the performance of my “STE Smart Beta “ since last one
in Aug 2017 ( here
).   You may also want to know what
is “ Smart Beta “ ( here
) , for those who are not so familiar with this investment / financial " jargon".

Here is the
latest update :

In last
year, STE Smart Beta outperformed the market (STI ) by 5.7% as the

Buy Low, Sell High ! How ?

I hope stock market will crash
tomorrow !!

Hey ! wait a
minute (ちょっと待って) , don’t throw rotten eggs or curse at me !! J

Here is my
story ….

Every stock market investor knows the old
adage: Buy low, sell high. We oft…

Is Stock Market Correction Normal ?

Since the start of 2018, the stock market has experienced higher
levels of volatility than we’ve seen before. The result has been in many
headlines or news highlighting the downfall of a strong market and how much the
market cap has been wiped o…

Your IQ and ROI

According to Warren Buffett "Investing is not a game
where the guy with a 160 IQ beats the guy with a 130 IQ" and what
Buffett says about what is necessary for investing successfully: 
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is also important. Independent thinking, emotional stability, and a keen
understanding of both human and institutional behavior is vital to

1st Qtr 2018 : Dividend and Portfolio Update

Is time to calculate our dividend income for 1st
Qtr 2018 as financial result for most of the company should had been announced
by this time. Market has gone through like a “roller coaster “ ride in 1st
Qtr 2008 where it was down by almo…

The Power of Saving

 I have
written about the “ The Power of Divided “ ( here ) and shared my view on the
important of dividend throughout my investment journey.  I try to visualize it through the chart as below
which I published every quarter in my portfolio and…

Fake News : Dividend Income from STE

<Image credit:>

With increasing usage of internet as main platform of social media for us to communicate and as source of news replacing traditional
printed media, corporate and government starts to pay more attention to the
problems and consequence of  “fake news “ and its impact on society
at large.

What is “ Fake
News “ : from Wikipedia 

Quote “The relevance