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The Power of Saving

 I have
written about the “ The Power of Divided “ ( here ) and shared my view on the
important of dividend throughout my investment journey.  I try to visualize it through the chart as below
which I published every quarter in my portfolio and…

Fake News : Dividend Income from STE

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With increasing usage of internet as main platform of social media for us to communicate and as source of news replacing traditional
printed media, corporate and government starts to pay more attention to the
problems and consequence of  “fake news “ and its impact on society
at large.

What is “ Fake
News “ : from Wikipedia 

Quote “The relevance

Volatility Paradox vs Market Returns

Buffett once said: “When I see memos from Howard Marks in my mail,
they’re the first thing I open and read. I always learn something.” What can we
learn from latest memo from him ( you may read the full memo here ).

In his latest memo , …

Just For Fun & Photos Sharing

Recently , after reducing my holding in Capital Commercial
REIT (here ) and Accordia Golf TR , other than deploying my fund to short term bonds  and building up my war chest , I am also
thinking of adding new counters which would generate some passi…

What Reversion To The Mean means ?

This is one of the best article on topic of “ Reversion to
the Mean “ … just for reading.

The Realities of Mean Reversion by Jack Forehand, 

Validea’s Guru
Investor Blog

Quote “Mean reversion is one of
the most powerful forces in …

What is your “ Share Turnover “ ratio ?

What is ‘Share
Turnover’ From

Share turnover is
a measure of stock liquidity calculated by dividing the total number of shares traded
over a period by the average number of shares outstanding for the period. The
higher the …

CPF Interest 2017

Ding…Ding…Ding , CPF Board had just credited the interest
into our CPF account , you may log in and check your latest balance and amount
of interest you got from “ Ah Gong “ ..😊

This year, total $ 28,114 been credited into our account ( for both STE & Mrs STE) as interest
from CPF and we are really happy to see our money continue to grow in CPF as we
treat it as AAA Bond till 2025 (

My Report Card : 2017

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Time flies , we are counting the last two days of 2017 to
welcome 2018 and again is time to take stock of the year gone by and make plans
for coming year. We try to justify (or made excuses ) of what we didn’t achieve
in 2017 and set the new resolutions for 2018.

2017 should be a good year for most of investors as STI
gained 18%

Monetary Authority of S’pore issues bitcoin warning

After warning issued from China, India , Malaysia , Thailand Central bankers , many monetary regulatory seems follow suit and came forward to warn the RISK of investing in Bit-Coin….as it may turn out to become a "systematic risk" which really can create "chaos and havoc " to the financial market/system if it continue to grow at "exponential " rate before it collapse. This could be seen from