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3453 Days !!

Hi , don’t say STE never give “kang-tao” or tips , you know what
this number meant for right ! Hahaha… just kidding.

Congratulation ! for those who have invested in US market , especially those in tech sectors like FANGs .

Yes !!

OFFICIAL: The bull market in stocks is now the longest ever. Here are the 4
main reasons it broke the record. (Link)

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3rd Qtr 2018 : Dividend and Portfolio Update

YES !! Is time to
calculate and tabulate my dividend & interest income for 3rd Qtr
2018 ( $$$ to be collected in month of Jul to Sep). I am happy to see some
other bloggers have started to show how much dividend they will be collecting,
it’s really encouraging to see some had seen their dividend amount increased much
on Y.o.Y basis and I’m not sure if this is also kind of “Nudge “ link  as

HYFLUX : 成也 新加坡, 败也 新加坡

In last’s week’s Town-Hall meeting, in a distressed and
disappointed mood, Hyflux"s CEO said that “ it was ironic that she built Hyflux
and made it a success business story started from Singapore and yet fail
because of Singapore’s project ( Tuaspring Integrated
Water & Power Project  -Link).

The Town-hall meeting was attended by almost 600-700 retail investors ( mostly
retirees), with

Have You Been Nudged Today ?

Have you been nudged? (  Link ) from

<In probably the most well-known example, spillage around the toilet,
an age old problem for at least half of the human race, was cut by -80% using an
ingeniously simple 


The 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics was
awarded to Professor Richard Thaler for his contributions to behavioural
economics. Prof Thaler’s work

Patience Is Your Biggest Investment Asset

One of my reader ask me what am I doing since market has
gone down by more than -10% from early May, am I buying or selling ? My answer
is "No" , I don’t do any major adjustment on my portfolio , except nimble a little
bit here and there with the dividend I received. Basically, my war-chest remained same in term of percentage in my portfolio.

For me, I don’t think it is compelling for me