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2nd Quarter 2020 : Portfolio & Dividend Update

Shrinking “Panadol” !

I think this is the predicament for all of us as “income or dividend “ investors, seeing
our dividend received have a big "cut" or totally disappear like  the case of “HSBC”.

We have noticed that most of REITs start to be more prudent
in their latest distribution and conserving more cash during this Covid-19
pandemic. So far, banks like DBS still trying

This Is The Fastest Bear !! 2020

We have experienced the fastest and furious " Bear" ever in market history. It only took less than 20 days for Dow Jones Index to reach bear market ( i.e corrected more than 20% from the peak).

This is the situation we never experience even in GFC 2008/09. We have seen some of the REITs dropped in double digits % continuously in few days and we can see that most of the REITs are having 50%

The ( Covid-19) BEAR is Here ! Run , Hide , Escape or Get Caught !!

Nothing last forever, everything moves in cycle like four seasons, we have a rough and roller coastal ride on our stocks market in last two weeks.  World stocks market finally succumbed to this “deadly and widely spread Covid-19 “ pandemic and most of it enter bear market territory in just two weeks of continuous & severe plunging. The magnitude of the fall accelerated by the “tumbled “ of

Howard Marks says " it’s OK to do some buying…things are cheaper", But not "All In" Yet

Just to share some interesting quotes /wisdom from Howard Marks latest memo as below:

 "Buy, sell or hold?  I think it’s okay to do some buying, because things are cheaper.  But there’s no logical argument for spending all your cash, given that we have no idea how negative future events will be.  What I would do is figure out how much you’ll want to have invested by the time the bottom is

Where Is My “ Bear “ ?


Fear ? No

You may notice that market continue to perform well ,
rebounded strongly after 1 or 2 days blip and dip crisis after crisis. US and
European stock indices closed at record highs, while their Hong Kong and
Chinese counterparts built on a rebound, as investors calmed their nerves over
the new coronavirus outbreak that has swept across Asia.

Rational Irrationality : From Stock Market to Supermarket

Same as investors , peoples act irrationally during crisis or pandemic , we panic selling our "equity " in stock market and buying " rice or toilet papers " in supermarket, both have similarity.

Understanding Investor Behavior <>

Be focused , stay calm ( safe ) during this crisis / pandemic. Have a plan and long term view of your