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Where Is My “ Bear “ ?


Fear ? No

You may notice that market continue to perform well ,
rebounded strongly after 1 or 2 days blip and dip crisis after crisis. US and
European stock indices closed at record highs, while their Hong Kong and
Chinese counterparts built on a rebound, as investors calmed their nerves over
the new coronavirus outbreak that has swept across Asia.

Rational Irrationality : From Stock Market to Supermarket

Same as investors , peoples act irrationally during crisis or pandemic , we panic selling our "equity " in stock market and buying " rice or toilet papers " in supermarket, both have similarity.

Understanding Investor Behavior <>

Be focused , stay calm ( safe ) during this crisis / pandemic. Have a plan and long term view of your

Stock Markets : Too Calm Too Be True !

Global stocks market continue to soar with optimism build in
after US-China signed the “phase one” trade deal in White House with China agreed
to buy additional hundreds of billions of US products.

Even before the signing of trade d…

My Report Card (Portfolio Performance ) 2019

December was a busy month for me as we went to “Kukup-Malaysia”
for our family gathering after returning from Hokkaido, also another staycation
at JB right after the Kukup trip.  Since
next week will be another busy week for me with Christmas g…

Keep Calm and Collect Photos ( Dividends )


Like personal finance, we have our own preferences in choosing
things that make us happy. Some like to own “luxury items “, some prefer having
bigger house or driving a…

4th Qtr 2019 : Dividend and Portfolio Update


It has been
almost haft month since my last blog post on 2nd November, I am really
lazy to write anything recently while spending more time with family since
early Oct after my daughter finished her PSLE.

We have our
short trip to Penang…

What Would Negative Interest Rate Mean For Investors : A Memo From Howard Marks

Howard Marks, founder and co-chairman of $122
asset manager Oaktree Capital Management and author of many best selling
books ( including the recent one “ Mastering
The Market Cycle”) had just published his latest memo.

Latest memo
from Howard Marks: Mysterious <link>

“And that brings us to the
subject of negative interest rates.  I find them no less mysterious.  The fact
that we