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Get 14% return on investment per annum.

Hi AK,
I am glad to chance upon your blog recently and is currentlu busy reading up on the various blog post which is quite informative.
I recently came across a website which was featured in (a popular personal finance blog) which indicates……

DPU plunged at Keppel DC REIT.


Just wondering if you are familiar with Keppel DC Reit?
I bought into it some time ago, lured in by its ‘good potential’, but as of last dividend payout, it’s one of those cases where NPI went up but DPU dropped by 20%.
Not an encouraging……

Understated gains from Saizen REIT.

For a while, I have suspected that ASSI has stalkers but the following can only happen because this stalker happens to be a friend. If he were just any other reader, I would freak out.


I believe you made in mistake calculating your gains…

How much did AK make from Saizen REIT?


Dear AK,

I just started following your blog this year. So many gems!

Thanks for resharing your Saizen REIT blog post from 2015 on Facebook. It just tells me how much more I have to read in your archives!

I might regret asking this but…