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Hock Lian Seng should be 69c a share.

A senior of mine at work told me about your blog when we chatted about stocks. I mentioned Hock Lian Seng and he said AK blogged about it. I bought this because my broker told me it was worth at least 69c and that there was a special…

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Accordia Golf Trust and lower DPU.

Hey AK, what do you make of Accordia Golf Trust latest results? Looks pretty dismal, all important numbers are down. Any positives to it at all?

eh… you say leh?

From the numbers I don’t see anything good. But management…


Sino Grandness and rights issue.

Just checking can you comment on SINO GRANDNESS rights issue?
Is it worth subscribing to the rights?

Always ask what is the reason for issuing rights. It seems like they have trouble repaying debt and, hence, the rights issue. If……

Buying a freehold property in Singapore is still worthwhile.

Hi AK,

        Hello! I only found out about your blog in Jan this year and have benefitted a lot from your analysis and sharing. 

        I have been reading your recent posts about upgrading to private housing. I happen to work in…

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When the lease on my HDB flat ends.

From Facebook:

What happens to our CPF money used to buy a HDB flat when the lease ends?

can I assume that whatever has been used to pay for the flat will be forfeited and we still need to pay back the accrued interest? I have friends who…