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There are two camps for the direction which stocks market can go. One camp said that the global stocks markets will go north. I have read of a local hedge fund manager’s prediction that the STI would even head to 4,000 in year 2017. Then there is the other camp which said that stocks markets would crash soon. I have found a video below of the latter camp for sharing:

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Will this stock RALLY FURTHER?

Moya Asia stock

Moya Asia stock dominated the top volume stocks of SGX yesterday with an equally impressive gain of 9.6% upside today. I have earlier shared about this stock in an earlier post here . I have said that over a longer term, Moya Asia stock should continue to do well. I am still of this view holding a stake on this stock at a previous price. Read more »


Wealth Creation

Many of us are employees with the main source of income being our employment income. This income is needed to support our living and it is the savings from our income, that is the portion of our incomes minus away all the expenditures which we could put together and decide what to do away with it.

Most of us save what we have left minus all the expenses and experts always advised us that savings are subject to the effect of inflation such that the monies we have left in banks (which earn very little interest rate) are not so much after some time due to inflation. We are always encouraged to invest but some choose the wrong investments, lose capital and end up worse that what he or she could be if he had just saved and not dabbled in investments.Read more »


These are the 18 Singapore stocks recommended by analysts from 3 Apr 2017 to 7 Apr 2017:

1) Singapore Myanmar Investco: OCBC Research has a BUY with fair estimate of $0.97

2) Fraser Centrepoint: DBS Vickers has a BUY rating with a target price of $2.00

3) MM2 Asia: CIMB Research has a ADD rating with a target price of $0.60

4) Spackman Entertainment: RHB Investments has a BUY rating with a target price of $0.27

5) Raffles Medical Group: OCBC Research has a BUY rating with a target price of $1.60

6) Hong Leong Finance: DBS Vickers has a BUY rating with a target price of $3.20

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Wealth creation

I have been working hard at work and I am still considered a good employee, a good worker though I might not be the most perfect. These days, I have been grappling hard with a heavy workload and this workload would be increasing in breadth and depth over time. Hence I would be spending more time at work understanding more about the company’s business more in-depth. Being a man who is from an analytical background, I have not much of a problem in understanding and doing things revolved around KPIs, timelines (this sounds like a portion of a CV to be given to a potential employer), that is anything systematic; but the more difficult parts of a job is to deal with human issues, politics, and so on and so forth.
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Osim stock

Osim stock, which was delisted from Singapore Stocks Exchange would be seeking a listing on the Hong Kong stocks markets as V3 stock. This is of interest to me since when Osim was delisted from Singapore stocks markets, I have thought that Osim would be kept as a private entity. I understand that proceeds from the V3 IPO would be used to repay a loan of $321.9 million obtained by Osim as well as for the acquisition in Futuristic, a Singapore-based store fixtures manufacturer, of a 69% stake.
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Trump, Stocks

I was like the world eager to know how the first meeting of US President Donald Trump with the Chinese President Xi Jin Ping would be like yesterday but the meeting was eclipsed by the sudden US strike on Syrian government targets. As we know, the strike was a response to the attack on civilians in Syria. The strikes definitely have an effect on the global stocks markets, not less than how the stocks markets make sense of the meeting between the two Presidents. The effect is on a longer-term basis as I believe many see the US response on Syria as a barometer of the extent to how US would engage North Korea. Also, there are some geopolitical tensions in the South China Sea from time to time.
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Are these SMALL-CAP PLAYS still in PLAY?

Small cap stocks

I watched the “Moneyweek” episode of Channel 8 on 5 Apr 2017. The episode featured the business growth story of Myanmar and shared how Singapore businesses fare in Myanmar in their business development there as well as the businessmen’s sentiments of doing business there. This episode was a very good take-away to me of the updates of the Myanmar growth story in a half-hour documentary.
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Of GOLD and a US stock I love

I am sharing the video below as it contains some good analysis of gold. Recall some investors are interested in gold as some people come to doubt whether the stocks markets will still benefit from the “Trump Effect”. Then there is another US stock called Nvidia stock, a technology stock which I am quite enamored of, but which I have not really come into investing in the stock. Enjoy the video below. Read more »