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Are these SMALL-CAP PLAYS still in PLAY?

Small cap stocks

I watched the “Moneyweek” episode of Channel 8 on 5 Apr 2017. The episode featured the business growth story of Myanmar and shared how Singapore businesses fare in Myanmar in their business development there as well as the businessmen’s sentiments of doing business there. This episode was a very good take-away to me of the updates of the Myanmar growth story in a half-hour documentary.
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Of GOLD and a US stock I love

I am sharing the video below as it contains some good analysis of gold. Recall some investors are interested in gold as some people come to doubt whether the stocks markets will still benefit from the “Trump Effect”. Then there is another US stock called Nvidia stock, a technology stock which I am quite enamored of, but which I have not really come into investing in the stock. Enjoy the video below. Read more »



UnUsUalL IPO will be the next Singapore IPO for retail and institutional investors. MM2 Asia announced on 4 April 2017 that it would launch the IPO shares of its unit UnUsUaL. Some 97 million shares at $0.20 per share would be placed.

I believe UnUsUaL IPO will be the next keen IPO for Singapore retail investors right after Kimly IPO. This is because of the success of MM2 as a stock which has seen quite a good capital appreciation performance. Investors will likely deem that there is similar potential of capital appreciation if they own the stock of a unit of MM2 Asia.
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Yesterday, when I shared with readers that I would be going in to the Singapore stocks markets to make one grand investment for the year in a small-cap stock (you can read the post here if you have not), little did I know my investment in the league of a five-figure sum will shake up the small-cap stock in the local stocks markets. Right after my investment first thing in the morning of 5 Apr 2017, a large volume of buyers flocked in and the buying continued such that the stock made the top 20 volume as well as the one of the top gainer stocks in the stocks markets for 5 Apr 2017. You could have deduce what stock I bought from the aforementioned description alone. Read more »



I have been receiving a number of annual reports of listed companies whose stocks I own in my mailbox. With the trend of digitalization, most of these reports are now given to me in CD format neatly placed in a hardcover. I have to say that I still like hard copies of annual reports as it makes for easier reads and the tactile touch of reading, perusing or even sniffing at the “crispy” reports seems to remind me of the tie that I have with the listed company, in the sense that I am a shareholder of the company. For CD-ROM versions of the annual reports, although it is environmentally-friendly, I never get pass to the stage of inserting the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM tray and reading it, probably as accessing the same softcopy annual report on the listed company’s website is probably much faster.

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Singapore stocks investment

So far this year, I have been using capital freed up from my investments in Year 2016 to enter into new investing positions for the year. Hence, I have not committed new funds into my new stock portfolio. However, after looking into how Singapore Stocks markets have performed this year, I have decided to make one Big Singapore stock investment for Year 2017 into a small-cap stock. The amount that I am going to enter into this small-cap stock will be a five-figure amount. And since this Singapore stock is not paying dividends, I am not looking into passive income strategy from this Singapore stock. It will be a capital appreciation strategy for a long-time horizon. And I have absolute belief that this stock will be the next multi-bagger stock so much so that I am aiming to achieve a six-figure portfolio from just this stock alone. Read more »



As a person who lunches on all weekdays at work, I could tell that inflation is in with the prices of food that I am paying. The norm some years ago was like $3 a lunch but nowadays, the norm for a meal out during office could be minimally $4 and it would be more if one buys a drink to accompany the meal.

Inflation seems to be getting more evident though recently through firstly, an increase in town and conservancy charges (the town council fees in simpler terms); then we have the 30% increase in water fees which personally I feel is a lot for a one-time increase. And it was only on 1 Apr 2017 that I learnt of the increase in electricity tariffs next. Read more »


This might not be the most appropriate place to discuss about this topic: Tom K (that is my) US stocks. For this is Singapore Stocks Investing, a blog which should discuss about Singapore stocks. But I feel that my discussion on stocks and equities is not complete if I do not tell readers what my investing is all about and has been. For while I have been blogging here on Singapore Stocks Investing, sharing with readers my experience and insights on Singapore stocks; there is this side of me which is into US stocks. You see, my complete investment portfolio is not composed entirely of Singapore stocks but US stocks as well. Read more »