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In an earlier post, I blogged about the current IPO stock SANLI (you can read the post here: ). Though I know from previous experience that successfully getting an IPO stock from subscription is not easy, today, after much analysis into this IPO stock, I decided to subscribe for it. I know that I will forfeit $2 if my subscription is not successful; but I just want to have a try at it. Read more »

SPH stock: worth a BUY NOW?

I shared in my blog post on 29 May 2017 how the doji of SPH stock price formed on the same day meant that investors were indecisive; probably weighing in the announcement of General Ng Yat Chung having been appointed the CEO of SPH. Yesterday, SPH stock continued to decline by a further 1.2%. I am really unsure how much of the southing of SPH’s stock price has to do with some investors making decision based on the appointment of the new CEO but I believe the announcement of who will be on helm will definitely be a factor for investors’ investing decision, not only for SPH but for all companies.
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Sanli IPO

SANLI Environment has launched an IPO here in Singapore, seeking to raise $9.7 mullion in net proceeds. SANLI has applied for the listing on the Catalist board of SGX. 52 million new SANLI shares will be offered at $0.225 per share, this consist of 49.5 million placement shares and a public tranche of 2.5 million shares. Read more »



HRnetGroup, Singapore’s largest recruitment firm, is the latest IPO for retail investors here. Each share would be priced between eighty and ninety cents per share with 6 million shares available for retail investors and 84 million shares for placement shares. With this ratio, I believe it might be too competitive for retail investors here to get a share if they ballot. Read more »


Moya Asia stock

Ever since Moya Asia reached an intra-day high of $0.124, the stock has languished. First, a reversal doji formed yesterday 29 May 2017 as the stock price retreated to $0.118, also the intra-low stock price for yesterday. Today, there was further sell-down of Moya Asia stock as the stock went south by almost 6% to reach an intra-day low of $0.111 before going up to close the trading day at $0.114. If you could recall my previous post on Moya Asia stock, I said the previous resistance was $0.115 which has now turned support. Today’s Moya Asia stock’s breaking through the support of $0.115 means that if this support could not be held, then we could see Moya Asia stock reach the next support at $0.107/$0.108. Read more »


Serrano stock

There is one stock which puzzled me, its name is called Serrano (not Serangoon). On 23 May 2017, this stock rallied by 210% to close at $0.031 from its previous closing price of $0.01. The unusual stock movement caused SGX to enquire Serrano and Serrano called for a trading halt. Serrano’s response to SGX’s enquiries was that it was unaware of any reason which could have caused the large price north of its stock. Since then, Serrano stock has been trading in the high twenty cents to over mid thirty five cents range. Read more »


SPH stock was on the radar of many investors today as it is the first day since SPH announced that it has appointed General Ng Yat Chung as its incoming CEO to take over the current CEO, Mr Alan Chan. General Ng needs no introduction. General Ng or more accurately LG(NS) Ng is the current CEO of NOL and he has overseen the privatization of NOL. Before he was CEO of NOL, General Ng, who was awarded the SAF Overseas Scholarship, was Singapore’s Chief of Army before assuming the post of Chief of Defence. After General Ng’s tenure in the Army, General Ng was appointed as the Senior Managing Director in Temasek Holdings before taking the helm of NOL, a very high-profile position, if we consider that former Prime Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong was a former managing Director of whose achievement who led NOL to turn its first profit by the mid-1970s according to the NOL website.
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I watched a very interesting episode of Money Week (in mandarin) about the rise of the gig economy whereby individuals could earn an income or some pocket monies at a flexible timetable arrangement through the use of apps like Uber. Basically, all the individual needs to do is to enrol or subscribe to the apps of services he or she could provide. After that when there are work or job opportunities on these apps and at a time slot available to the individual, the individual would just take up the job and go for it; and get paid after the assignment.
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