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SG Market & Pre-IPO Telegram

The current market has been falling and is all in red. In the backdrop of higher interest rates, what should you buy and invest into? We have moved to Telegram for active discussions on markets, stocks, and everything else.Once you have joined the…

Happy 2021!

Time files and here we are at the end of 2020.What a year!May 2021 brings positivity and happiness to you and me. Thank you for following my blog after all these while. We have moved most of our communications to telegram group. The link is in oth…

SG Market & Pre-IPO is on Telegram!

 The world is changing and so are the needs of my followers and friends. We have moved to Telegram for active discussions on markets, stocks and everything else.Once you have joined the group, be sure to answer the simple maths question. This prov…

We Have Moved to Telegram!

In the age of mobile and convenience, SGSAS has moved to telegram. This allows a rapid share of information in real time.
Some of the expected updates are as follow:
• Singapore Elections Kick Off With All Eyes On Lee Family Feud
• Singapore’s Chan Defends Government’s Handling of Virus Outbreak
• Singapore Faces Defense Budget Cutbacks Amid Virus Impact
• Singapore Probing If Financial System Misused in Wirecard Case
• Aspial (ASP SP): Rakuten Medical Says Japan Ministry To Review Asp-1929 For Ceas
• HRnetgroup (HRNET SP): Fidelity Intl Small Cap Adds B&M European, Cuts Wood
• Keppel Corp (KEP SP): Temasek Eyes Keppel Results As $3 Billion Bid Hangs In Balance
• SGX (SGX SP): Raised To Hold At Cimb; Pt S$8
• Singapore Air (SIA SP): Asia Regulators Likely To Accept FAA Findings On Boeing 737 Max

For friends who are tracking institution buy and sellings.

Get updates on SGX institutional and retail data reports weekly tracker, market updates, and market commentary of Singapore equities.
SGX To Fully Acquire BidFX, Advancing Its Global Ambitions To Offer End-To-End FX Platform And Solutions

… onboarding of new clients
Singapore Exchange (SGX), Asia’s most international … -trade clearing, propelled SGX to purchase the remaining …

See u on the other side!

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Investment Invitation into Tokenize.Exchange

Tokenize (TKX) is a team that aspires to build the next generation digital currency exchange that supports established and emerging digital currencies. Also, TKX is the top 10 financial exchange in the world.

In addition, they have received their financial license from Securities Commission (Malaysia)  recently in April 2020. This information is verified and it is in the national newspaper, and the link is:

By Ooi Tee Ching – June 4, 2019 @ 5:28pm
KUALA LUMPUR: Securities Commission today announced it has conditionally aprroved three companies to operate digital asset exchanges or crypto currency exchanges in Malaysia.
The three companies are Luno Malaysia Sdn Bhd, SINEGY Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd and Tokenize Technology (M) Sdn Bhd.
All three companies are given up to nine months to fully comply with all regulatory requirements prior to receiving a full licence.
SC’s proactive regulation of cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technologies will bring innovation in both old and new industries. 

With reference to above, users from SGSAS can now invest in Tokenize and achieve 30% capital gain per annum. Investors can sell 30% of the invested capital after, thus effectively withdrawing the capital gain of 30%. Lastly, the expected gain of 30% is based on the 3 years of historical performance.
For example purchasing TKX at $1.00 now and it will be $1.30 after 1 year. Investors may sell part or all of TKX coin to realise the profit of 30% capital gain. This capital gain is not taxable in US or in Singapore.
The current market capital for Tokenize is about US$50m with active users of about 300 thousand users who are trading crypto currencies via the Tokenize online platform. These users are from ASEAN and it is expected that the user base will continue to grow. 
To enhance Tokenize’s expansion and growth, investors are invited to work together to help push boundaries and break into new markets. Hence the purpose of the invested funds is to hire and expand new team from new market to start up new offices and acquire more trading users. The increment of trading users will also translate to more trading revenue and brokerage fee for Tokenize. At the same time, this will guarantee the returns of the investors’ as well.  
Please understand this is only for private investors who are keen in investing an exchange which does crypto trading. It is almost like buying SGX shares, the equities of an exchange company except the fact that Tokenize is currently trading crypto currencies only. It will be an overall win win for both the investor and Tokenize.

For myself, I happen to be a friend of the CEO of Tokenize and as well as a seed investor during the very early stages of Tokenize. With that seed fund, Tokenize hired the very first team of IT developer, Marketing and sales team. As the team continue to grow, Tokenize continue to capture more market share. I am very excited to be part of their success story.
If you would like to be part of Tokenize growth and success story, please write to me for more details. 
It is a personal post which I want to share to all my readers and invite them to be part of Tokenize story. I am writing this out of passion and ambition for Tokenize. I am vested and I am eager to watch Tokenize to grow. 
So join me if you are keen to be a private investor too. Be part of a success story and contribute together! 
Tokenize website is at:

Sign up via SGSAS link for your first 50 TKX coins: