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Second Quarter Review of System Alpha

As usual, this is a quarterly review of my personal FX trades. The numbers are for May 2019 with the broker Axitrader.

In the last 3 months, thanks to Trump, news of trade war has been flooding the market. EURUSD has been bullish,  and indexes were hitting year high. Much of the trading positions are actually not in positions. Hence the spike in drawdowns from the charts below.

In June, thanks to Trump again who commented on the suitability of Fed Chair mentioning the possibility of a rate cut to ensure a competitive USD. As a result, EURUSD took a turn and thus the market changed.

This is illustrated by the chart above, a huge spike in drawdown during 10th June which is a Monday. FOMC statement was on Friday night, SG time. Overall, the trade positions were closed in an orderly manner and turned things around.

Another point to note is, the current drawdown is 0%. Which also translates that the opened positions are running on the traded profits only. Perhaps we should open more position to leverage and absorb more risks in exchange for a higher return.

To have monthly returns of 10% is considered average and more positions should be opened in order to capture more market opportunities. However, Trump is a wild card still. A higher risk-taking behaviour will translate to a higher drawdown. And each drawdown is a test to our system, simply because if it fails, that will be the end of our trading method, System Alpha.

Overall, the full numbers are displayed above. Moving forward, there will be no change in our trading strategy for now. Being nimble and careful is the better way to go in this market.

This account has started in May 2019 with the new broker, Axitrader, after our previous broker left us. If you need a good FX broker, you may consider Axitrader. The spreads are reasonable and even though Axitrader is a market maker, the spread is still acceptable.

So that is a wrap for the last quarter. Will update again.

3 FREE Trades in HK market

Yep no joke. It is FREE.

Gone are the days that we always think and believe that foreign brokerage houses like Company I and Company T gives very cheap brokerage fees.

These days local brokerage houses are catching up too. Not to mention, the shares transacted are held under the custody of the brokerage houses. There are no market makers, you-lose-house-win situation and etc.

In any case, the conditions are elaborated below.

Under this Promotion:

a. Clients are  required to  execute  at  least  3  trades  to  enjoy  the  rebate. The  Promotion  entitles each Client a maximum of 3 free trades, capped at a maximum rebate of S$50 (“the Rebate”), regardless of the number of trading accounts he or she has.

b. The rebate will be in the form of  bonus points. The equivalent of 1800 bonus points will be credited in the following month and are valid till 31 December 2020.

c.   New clients  with  no  prior  or  pre-existing  business  dealings  with  UOBKH  who  open  a  cash  or  margin  trading account  with  UOBKH  will  also  enjoy  1  month  free  Hong  Kong  real time streaming price when they execute at least 3 online Hong Kong trades during the Promotion period.

d. The free 1 month Hong Kong real time streaming price will be activated in the following month.

If keen, dont wait. Open account is FREE too. The trading account allows online access to HK (of course), SG, Malaysia and US.

PM me to open a UTRADE account via the bottom right hand corner.

News for today 28/6/2019

News for today 28/6/2019:   – Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day  – Bitcoin almost wipes out i…

New IPO alert: ST Group Food Industries Holdings

ST Group Food Industries Holdings


Offer Size: 30.077m new shares
Public Tranche: –
Placement Tranche: 30.077m shares
Price: S$0.26
NAV per share (post IPO): S$0.077
Historical PE: 18.6x (FY18)
Market Cap (post-IPO): S$64.0m
Open: 26 Jun 19
Close: 1 Jul 19, 12.00 noon
Trading: 3 Jul 19, 9.00 am (on “ready” basis)

Interested parties, please PM me

Thursday, June 13, 2019

In other news, Bitcoin is up by 20%! Breaking News 07:04 AM Accused by judges, Haitian president denies corruption allegations 07:00 AM Germany raises 6.5b euros from sale of 5G frequencies 06:58 AM US college student killed Chines…

FREE Audiobook: Stock Market Investing For Beginners

I was buying books from Amazon this week and I spotted this offer which i think it will be useful for friends of SGSAS. Not just useful, it can be FREE for you if you do the following steps. Took me a while to figure out, so must as well blog it and bookmark it too.
STEP 1: For SG people, to connect to US location get this FREE VPN here.
STEP 2: Sign up for FREE account on Amazon Audible.
STEP 3: Click on here to open that book. It will be FREE under Amazon Audible. Picture below.

Details taken from Amazon:

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Seriously. If you park all your investment cash in a mutual fund, you are missing out on SPECTACULAR GAINS. Sure, you can ‘coast’ on an annual gain slightly north or south of 10 to 15 percent but if you were to trade your own account, you can earn many times more than that.

Just how much more can your retirement investment grow if you managed it more actively? How does 1 to 2 percent per day sound? This is possible with active trading.

Indeed, this is possible with the information you’ll find from this book, “Stock Market Investing for Beginners”. This paves the way to you making more money in stocks.

This book delivers on the following…

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  • Learn how to make money if the stock you bought sinks or rises in value

Turn your FEAR of losing money in the stock market into an AWARENESS of the tremendous opportunities available to you if you just use the right trading methods and strategies.

These methods & strategies enable you to spot…

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See what others say about this book (only a few)-

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How to PROFIT from a BEAR Market?

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Quick update: Trading resumed

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