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Gold Breakout and Starts Uptrend

Gold broke 1300 resistance of a Rectangle consolidation pattern and heading toward price target of 1400.

GLD is SPDR Gold ETF. GLD broke $123 resistance and heading towards the breakout target of $130.

4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Writing A Will

Personal Financial Planning plays an important part of our life. We plan many things in our life from Wealth Creation, Wealth Maintenance, Wealth Accumulation to Wealth Distribution. If we plan it right, our life will be less miserable as we spend within our means, have sufficient retirement and education funds for our children and have … Read more

Top 5 Best Performing Singapore REITs Compared (2017-Aug)

How the Top 5 Performing Singapore REITs compared with each other in August 2017: Source: Want to find out how they stack up against other Singapore REITs? Click here! If you’ve a keen interest in REITs, check out: REITs Investing Course REITs Portfolio Advisory

Singapore REITs Performance for 2017 Aug

In August 2017, 14 Singapore REITs increased in price, 19 decreased, and 5 remained unchanged, compared to July. Who are the top 5 Singapore REITs winners and losers in August 2017? Click here to find out.   If you’ve a keen interest in REITs, check out: REITs Investing Course REITs Portfolio Advisory  

CROMWELL European Real Estate Investment Trust (Cereit) IPO in SGX

Another REITs with properties in Europe – CROMWELL European Real Estate Investment Trust (Cereit) will be listed in Singapore Stock Exchange subject to all conditions to be met. Let see what type of properties will be included in this Cereit. Could it be another office REIT, Industrial REIT, Student Accommodation, Healthcare, Retail Malls or Hybrid? Very … Read more

Market Insight Seminar by InvestingNote

I was invited InvestingNote to give a market update on on Singapore REITs to a group of retail investors yesterday at CIMB Securities. InvestingNote is The #1 Social Media Platform Used By Stock Investors In Singapore. You can follow my blog post update there. My ID is marubozu in InvestingNote community.   Key Summary Global Economy is recovering. … Read more

Singapore REITs Bubble Charts Aug 2017

Bubble charts derived from August 7, 2017 Singapore REITs Fundamental Comparison Table. No significant movement compared to last Bubble Charts. The yield spread remains wide between big cap and small cap REITs. This means that value pick is at the small cap space if you know how to spot them.  Please take not that we have … Read more

Singapore REIT Price / NAV Range Chart Aug-2017

Original post from Singapore REIT Price / NAV Range Chart base on Aug 7, 2017 Singapore REITs Table.   There are LAND MINES and also GEMS in the charts. Safe hunting if you know how to use it to shortlist your favorite REITs.   See last Singapore REITs Price/NAV here to see the changes. Do you think you have … Read more

Invest Fair 2017: Investing in 20s, 30s and 40s

I was invited as a panelist to share my investing experience at Invest Fair 2017 at Suntec Convention Halls last Sunday, together with Jes (SimplyJesMe), Brian (ForeverFinancialFreedom) and Alison (Heartlandboy) and Mark Cheng (Moderator from MoneySmart). The topic given is Investing in 20s, 30s and 40s, and looks like I was invited to represent the 40s and … Read more