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Backtesting Result on my REITs Selection Criteria

I was very excited to learn the back-test result on my REITs Selection criteria by Christopher (blog owner of Growing your tree of prosperity). I will definitely catch up and learn from him his unique backtesting strategy. This will definitely help me to improve my REITs portfolio performance. See my post on  3 Investing Mistakes … Read more

Crude Oil: Bearish Engulfing at Down Trend Channel Resistance

Crude Oil has shown a Bearish Engulfing at Down Trend Channel Resistance… Yummy! Have fun trading! See last technical analysis of Crude Oil here. Note: Down trend channel redrawn.   Interesting observation on Crude Brent Oil – Backwardation! Maybe something is brewing behind the scene. Opportunity for an Arbitrage trade.    

Will writing seen as PANTANG among some Singaporeans

I summarized what Lorna Tan’s article “Will writing seen as taboo among some Singaporeans” published on July 16, 2017 here for easy reference. Some think it is costly, not realising the trouble that can arise for beneficiaries without one. Estimates that no more than 10 to 15 per cent of Singaporeans have made wills. This … Read more

Singapore REIT Price / NAV Range Chart July-2017

Original post from Singapore REIT Price / NAV Range Chart base on 9 July-2017 Singapore REITs Table. There are LAND MINES and also GEMS in the charts. Safe hunting if you know how to use it to shortlist your favorite REITs.   See last Singapore REITs Price/NAV here to see the changes. Do you think you have missed the boat? … Read more