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What you are missing out that the institutionla

As retail investors, we often perceive ourselves or by others as inferior
investors that are incapable of obtaining superior returns as compared to
institutional investors. This is partly due to the pre-conception that
institutional investors are mor…

If Li Ka Shing was 20+ years old now, he would….

There was an article in the past that went viral.
It talked about the advice given to young people by Hong Kong’s richest man – Li Ka Shing.
In the article, he talked about splitting our pay into 5 parts, each for a different purpose


Yes, CPF takes 20% of your Monthly Salary, BUT….

A lot of people have the misconception that the Central Provident Fund (CPF) takes away 20% of your salary every month.
While that is true, there is more to that than just what it seems like.
There are a few things you should know about this 20% "pay cut".

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1) The amount that you give actually decreases as you age
At the

Hu Li Yang Gravity Line Investment Strategy

Hu Li Yang 30 Stock Investing Strategies


What is a Gravity Line? 什么是地心引力线?
A stock’s Gravity Line is the average between its 30-day moving average and 72-day moving average.
Gravity Line = …

Why is it call a Bull Market and a Bear Market?

Ever wondered why is a dropping market call a bear market and why is a rising market call a bull market?
There is no 100% confirmed story, but the one we present below is one that has been highly circulated over the years.
Apparently, it has somethi…

Active or Passive Way of Investing?

Active Investing versus Passive Investing

This is the battle that is happening on Wall Street since 1975 when John C. Bogle started the first fund company, The Vanguard Group, in the United States (US) offering to mom-and-pop investors low-cost inde…

What is Contra Trading?

Contra Trading, is the act of
1) buying a stock and selling it before payment date
2) selling a stock and buying it back before payment date

In Singapore, after a trade is executed, you have three working days before you need to pay the total cost …