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What type of mortgages are people getting?

2017 has been a rather bullish year for Singapore’s residential property market, with a healthy number of transactions over the past few months. As the number of transactions increases so does the number of mortgages. As such, if you wonder…

Save Money in Singapore Savings Bonds or CPF?

The Singapore Savings Bond (SSB)
It is a special Singapore Government bond, issued by the Singapore Government and sold to the public as a form of savings.
Introduced as another form of investment and savings plan for people living in Singapore


SGX Bull Charge Charity Run 2017

Join us at this year’s annual SGX Bull Charge 2017.

It is an annual Charity Run hosted by SGX to rally the financial community as well 

as the SGX listed companies to come together and contribute back to the society

Contributions from these or…

How CPF Saves You 5 Insurance Plans

Have you ever thought about CPF as more than just a scheme to lock Singaporeans’ money?
There could be a lot more to it if you dig deeper – like really deeper.
There is a reason why most financial advisors actually advise you to keep your money with …

Save with CPF or Save with Fixed Deposits?

This post will contain a tip on how to increase your CPF returns, namely in the form of interest.One way to earn more interest from CPF is to transfer your extra money, into your CPF Special Account.The choice between CPF or Fixed Deposits is determi…

So many styles but which style?!

As times change, the markets change together with it as well. This is due to the forces that shape human behavior have changed and influences how people interact in the markets. From fundamental analysis to technical analysis, to leveraged trading …

What you are missing out that the institutionla

As retail investors, we often perceive ourselves or by others as inferior
investors that are incapable of obtaining superior returns as compared to
institutional investors. This is partly due to the pre-conception that
institutional investors are mor…

If Li Ka Shing was 20+ years old now, he would….

There was an article in the past that went viral.
It talked about the advice given to young people by Hong Kong’s richest man – Li Ka Shing.
In the article, he talked about splitting our pay into 5 parts, each for a different purpose