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ComfortDelgro (C52) – My Comprehensive Analysis

ComfortDelgro (CDG) is a Singapore private transport company with a wide geographical foot print. It provides a long term average earnings yield of 6.22%. Currently, its historical dividend yield is 5%. CDG has been in the news due to increased competition from disruptive ride sharing companies such as Uber and Grab. These companies have large […]

Singapore Savings Bonds SSB Nov 2017 Issue Yields 2.07%!

The Singapore Savings Bonds is released by the Government. It is a package of 10 different duration Government Bonds that are AAA rated in the World (this is rare btw). You can redeem the bonds when you need it at the price you paid at. The bond gives different yields depending on how long you hold it. From 1%/yr for 1 year to 2%/yr for 10 years/

The Cheapest Term Life Insurance in Singapore Sep 2017

The basis of insurance is for protection first and foremost. When we purchase insurance, we sought to address a particular health risk that would create monetary challenges for ourselves or our loved ones. Some of the most common ones are: The risk that if you passed away, your loved ones will have a difficult time […]

AUM Fees vs Commission Sales Charges – Which is Cheaper?

The latest Unit Trust Platforms such as FSMOne with Fundsupermart and Managed ETF Platforms/ Roboadvisors such as StashAway, AutoWealth and Smartly are charging based on Platform Asset Under Management (AUM) fees. Compared to the traditional sales charges are they similar or are they more expensive by charging this way?

You Need to Put the Big Rocks of Building Wealth First

I am still having some mental aches from not blogging for some time, after settling some personal matters. The more you been away from blogging the more you realize writing is a muscle. It is just like prospecting financial assets in that, if you stop, you get rusty due to the lack of practice. This […]

The 11 Stages of Wealth: Which Stage of Wealth are You at?

How do you measure whether your relative or your colleague is wealthy? Do you based it on the flashy things that they have on them? What is a more fundamentally sound way to find out whether we have progressed well from debt dependent to financially secure, financially independent? The stages of wealth provide a good measure to see how far we have come.

How Warren Buffett’s Berkshire & Oaktree Capital Look at REITs

When it comes to a discussion of real estate investment trusts (REITs), I do get comments on both sides of the spectrum. The beginners to wealth building can easily relate to the benefits and the pitfalls of using them as an investment (you can read about these in depth in my FREE REITs Training Center). […]