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My Take on the 4.625% Astrea IV Class A-1 Secured Bonds Issue

For the first time, Temasek Holding is making available its least risky, private equity bond to retail investors like yourself. The guidance is a yield of 4.625% for 10 years, callable in 5 years. According to Ho Ching, Temasek CEO, this is to help supplement your retirement income. This is not the first time corporate […]

This Particular REIT Asset is Comparable if Not Better than Westfield

How do some of the Singapore REITs or Retail Space compare to the Retail Space in their home country? Here is a short interview comparing Mapletree Commercial Trust’s Vivo City with one of the most attractive asset in Australia Westfield’s Sydney Shopping Centre. The second part explains the low vacancy and high rental revision even […]

McKinsey’s Three Horizons of Growth Business Framework Explained

Today, I am going to bring you a guest post by Chris Susanto. Chris blogs at, where he shares his USA based value investing insights and options strategies. This article discusses about identifying businesses with certain forward outlook that can give you that exponential profit growth. It is definitely an area that I am […]

Hyflux Voluntarily Suspended – ESR REIT Shareholders Should Take Note

This morning, it was reported that SGX Listed Hyflux, Singapore’s prominent water treatment firm, is considering to seek court protection to facilitate negotiations with creditors. Hyflux wasn’t in a good position. Hasn’t been for a long time. While it is one of the poster child for the government, investors have not taken a liking to […]