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New Talk: Profiting From Macroeconomic Trends Shift

Back in 2004, I started down this investment path in the Unit Trust world. The STI ETF was in its starting stage and there were no index funds in Singapore except for 3 feeder funds by OCBC (now Lion Global) into 3 Vanguard funds (so that you can profit from S&P 500, MSCI Europe and […]

Too Many People Lose Their Self-Respect Due to Money

Why can’t some people pull themselves out of a shit hole? I think for some people, over time, they lost a lot of self-respect. And then they get eaten up alive by their peers, their friends and their relatives. I have a friend from University days share with me what she saw in the office […]

Tenants’ tough fight against their Landlords

The landscape for retail has changed dramatically these few years as online e-commerce have become more accessible, due to the improvement in the retail supply chain and processes of online retailers. Thus, more and more consumers are purchasing what they need online. This means that retailers need less space. For retailers that are primarily brick […]

Exploring Dollar Cost Averaging Versus Other Strategies

This week, one article that was pretty heavily discussed was on the concept of dollar cost averaging (DCA). The article states that the returns, based on the recent historical results of dollar cost averaging into exchange traded funds (ETF) is not too good. A better implementation would be to dollar cost average only when the […]

This Befuddling Singapore REIT Performance

The Singapore REITs have been rising steadily over these few months. Not all of them. If you check out the REITs on my Dividend Stock Tracker, the hospitality REITs, Office REITs and the large market capitalization REITs have been doing well. Their dividend yields have compressed to a level that many investors would term it […]

On HDB Housing Related Thoughts. Again

So I saw one of my Facebook friend shared out this article titled Stark Reality: Singaporeans Waking from the Housing Dream. It was written in Jun 2017. And it is long. This article provides: History of the role of public housing Narratives by various parties on this issue over the years Questions from the public regarding […]

The Best Singapore Short Term Savings Account for 2018

Last year, after not bothering with efficiently managing my liquid money for a long while, I decided to take a look at what are some of the short term saving deposits available to us. So my setup for last year was a mixture of: OCBC 360 Hurdle Account UOB One Hurdle Account Singapore Savings Bonds […]