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You Need to Put the Big Rocks of Building Wealth First

I am still having some mental aches from not blogging for some time, after settling some personal matters. The more you been away from blogging the more you realize writing is a muscle. It is just like prospecting financial assets in that, if you stop, you get rusty due to the lack of practice. This […]

The 11 Stages of Wealth: Which Stage of Wealth are You at?

How do you measure whether your relative or your colleague is wealthy? Do you based it on the flashy things that they have on them? What is a more fundamentally sound way to find out whether we have progressed well from debt dependent to financially secure, financially independent? The stages of wealth provide a good measure to see how far we have come.

How Warren Buffett’s Berkshire & Oaktree Capital Look at REITs

When it comes to a discussion of real estate investment trusts (REITs), I do get comments on both sides of the spectrum. The beginners to wealth building can easily relate to the benefits and the pitfalls of using them as an investment (you can read about these in depth in my FREE REITs Training Center). […]

To make Singapore Truly Cashless, Lower the Cost for Merchants

There is a recent trend that I find it unsettling in Singapore. The government comes out with some initiative or direction and then the media just spends the next month talking about it. It is as if it is some kind of brainwashing session. This started with the drive to have more engineers. Then it […]

No Post for This Week

My friend La Papillion tells me: “They say we are never adults until our parents are gone.” “Men grieve differently. When the busyness of the day subsides and the quietness of the night takes over, he may feel the pain in his heart. ” Gotta say thanks to the folks that took time out that came […]