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I Picked M1 for the Budget Sim Only Singapore Mobile Plan

My Mobile Plan’s 24 month contract is up. And now M1 is charging me $37/mth for it. I got to do something about this. As a frugal office worker, who travels from site to site, which new plans and which set up should I pick? My Requirements If you do not know what you want, […]

How would Your First $60,000 in CPF Compound Over Time?

This exploration article might be applicable if you are a business owner, freelancer who could build up your net worth faster than a salaried employee. One of my reader went through this thought exploration about the CPF and he selflessly shared it with me. I thought I will share it here as well. The question […]

Freegan, Dumpster Diving and Financial Security, Independence

I can’t remember well, but… When I was in secondary school I used to do something with mum. We were not very poor then, but money was tight. So I asked my mom whether we could make more money by collecting the pamphlets and papers littered on the floor around the letter box around our […]