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The Total Returns of Dollar Cost Averaging into Cache Logistics Trust

Cache Logistics Industrial Trust is an interesting logistics REIT that was listed in Singapore around May 2010. Back then, majority of its properties was from CWT, a large logistics company in Singapore. The WALE was 6 years which is a long lease expiry by local REIT standards. However, 6 years later, as the lease are […]

What I think you should do with your Bonus

Ming Feng from Seedly asked me if I have any advice for what people should do with their bonus. So I thought I will share the answer I gave to you guys and gals as well. I often felt that I am in no position to tell you what you should do with your money. […]

I Picked M1 for the Budget Sim Only Singapore Mobile Plan

My Mobile Plan’s 24 month contract is up. And now M1 is charging me $37/mth for it. I got to do something about this. As a frugal office worker, who travels from site to site, which new plans and which set up should I pick? My Requirements If you do not know what you want, […]

How would Your First $60,000 in CPF Compound Over Time?

This exploration article might be applicable if you are a business owner, freelancer who could build up your net worth faster than a salaried employee. One of my reader went through this thought exploration about the CPF and he selflessly shared it with me. I thought I will share it here as well. The question […]

Freegan, Dumpster Diving and Financial Security, Independence

I can’t remember well, but… When I was in secondary school I used to do something with mum. We were not very poor then, but money was tight. So I asked my mom whether we could make more money by collecting the pamphlets and papers littered on the floor around the letter box around our […]