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I lost 40% this Crypto Crash

Portfolio is so rekt right now guys.These days, I cry myself to sleep every night.I was stupidly buying the dip.From $740 to $686, I kept buying it as it went lower and lower.Started dipping into my warchest finally and was buying from $645 and lower a…

Sunday Humour (What I know vs What you think)

Source: @_jillruth”GMGH, why are you so confident about cryptos?”Because I know a shit ton about them.You think I don’t know about traditional investing? Heh. But please,Feel free to illuminate me with your deep knowledge on money and technology.

Earned $1900 Clicking Here and There

How?Arbitrage.”F*** off GMGH, arbitrage doesn’t exist in this day and age!”Oh ho ho, but yes, it does.I sold crypto on one exchange which had people willing to buy at a higher price.I bought back the crypto immediately at another market by people there…

Too Early for Crypto Shitposting?

Markets are still down, but this is the next big dip that I was waiting for (see end of post). Looking good to post a bottom.

Anyway, time will tell.

2010: It’s too difficult.
2014: It’s too risky.
2018: It’s too expensive.
2022: It’s too late.#bitcoin

— Armin van Bitcoin ⚡ (@ArminVanBitcoin) March 20, 2018

It ain’t never too late to be a degen and get rekt lads.

If you still don’t see value in uncensorable, unstoppable, unseizable money, don’t beat yourself up in the future about missing the boat. Nothing would have convinced you anyway.

“You don’t have to understand it or like it. You just have to accept that this is the future”


“All I see is a bad company becoming even cheaper and cheaper. I don’t see anything currently that can give it’s share price support and form a price floor. What’s stopping it from going to zero? Maybe it can turnaround in the future, but buy…

Podcast with Albert Wenger

March has been busy for me. Unbeknownst to most of you, I have been making a lot of strategic crypto moves over the past 2 months.Anyway, just dropped by to share this particularly enlightening podcast. The second quarter is about cryptocurrencies and …

Crypto Videos for Noobs

I’ll try to make this educational and tone down on the sarcasm.3 videos for you to watch first:1) CryptoLark giving you the down low on Crypto Investing 2) Ameer Rosic throwing down some ICO knowledge 3) Kenny Rogers teaching you how to play the game r…

Brief Crypto Thoughts (March 2018)

Well, well well, what do we have here? Another crash!Totally. Not. Surprised.What if I told you that the crypto markets crashes (more than 20% drops) once a quarter? Guess what. I did. Oh how time flies. At that time, crypto had crashed 38% to $3000+.W…