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We are definitely in a bubble

A stock bubble, HAHA.

Is it too late to invest? 🙁 $DJI

— Beastlorion (@Beastlyorion) January 24, 2018

Weekly RSI for S&P 500 is now approaching 90. $SPY

Stats guys pointing to positive momentum, saying it should produce more positive momentum.

However, we haven’t seen momentum, sentiment, valuations & number of up years in the row this strong since 1929. #AssetManagement

— Tiho Brkan (@TihoBrkan) January 23, 2018

Just wondering — how many of these years had P/B above 3.5, P/S above 2.3, weekly RSI above 80, sentiment surveys breaking bullish records & were on a streak of 101 trading days with only a 1% decline, 395 days without 5% decline, 15 months up in the row & up 9 years in the row?

— Tiho Brkan (@TihoBrkan) January 23, 2018

My crypto portfolio already dropped 40% and I’m still all smiles with a shit ton of profits and plenty of buffer between here and my capital.

Howsabout you and your stocks?

I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?
40% down? No biggie.
I face that sort of thing every few months.


All the best stock peeps.

Maybe it’s about time to sell some of those tulip bubbly assets you got and rotate into a sector that just “burst”?

Gotta Love Me Some Crypto Dip

Seriously guys, look at me buy the dip.I know that you don’t want to, because crypto is super expensive and it’s all going to crash to zero later anyway once the governments start regulating and outlawing it, right? /sMaybe I’m crazy and crypto really …

You were all right, it’s crashing. I’m out.

Source: Of Two MindsI’m out…. of my trading precious metals positions! (exited at a slight profit, still holding onto my physical stacks in my safe)I’m now preparing (keyword) to plow it all into crypto. I only hope the market stays horrible lon…

Bitcoin, The Next Shitcoin

This will probably rattle up the BTC maximalists, but whatever. This is just my opinion and I’m just a random guy on the internet. Not happy with my conclusion? Laugh at me when I become poor.I think many regulars readers know, I do not like Bitcoin ve…

FUD and Shill, Pump and Dump

These days, everything is a FUD or a shill.Talk positively about something? Shill.Talk negatively about something? FUD.The kids (literally) in crypto are too emotionally attached to some of their holdings.So screw it. I decided I can’t save them all fr…

GMGH Crypto Portfolio for 2018

Am I shilling my own bags?Well, obviously if I’m actually owning them, I believe in them, right?A LOT of people have been asking me what I own and why, so here you go. I don’t owe anyone an explanation for anything I own, but I’m willing to share what …