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"Blockchain" in Action

Source: @sysmannetHere is a pretty simple example of how blockchain works in a real life case study:In Latvia, a cash register prints out receipts with the usual total and receipt number.AND a hash of previous receipt to generate a hash of the current …

Crypto Prophets

I think too many people are blindly following “crypto” gurus these days.Are they seriously that good? Has anyone ever even backtested their calls? Most of them can’t TA for shit.Maybe its not that they are convincing, but the people following them are …


Saw this news from ST?Let’s see what’s the Monday miday price is like:Hyflux stock price: $0.265Hyflux pref stock: $77.70Hyflux perp bond: $0.600Since my post 3.5 weeks ago when I was shitting all over Hyflux?Hyflux stock price: -29%Hyflux pref stock: …

The Nocoiner Starter Pack

But you know, it’s all about perspective, isn’t it?Source: 99bitcoins Source: urban dictionary This post is all in good fun against the crypto skeptics! Or is it?

Litecoin is Shit

I used to hold LTC.I used to believe in LTC, with it’s cheap fees, faster block times and decent community.I even profited massively from LTC. Sick 968% profit.However, that thesis and my expectation of LTC hitting $1,000 is no longer valid.I sold all …

DigixDAO (DGD) Vindication

As many people know, DigixDAO is my FAVOURITE crypto for the longest time. In fact, it was the first crypto that I discovered that got me very excited enough to build a sizeable position.I’ve talked about it during Cryptmas ($150 USD, 0.23 ETH) an…

Join My Crypto Telegram Signal / Pump Group!

Haha, I kid.I don’t have a telegram signal group or a pump group. I don’t belong in any of those kinds of groups either.Anyway, with the recent Suppoman is a piece of shit drama, I finally watched some Doug Polk because he had a video talking about thi…

All That Crypto Heat Fizzling Away

left: Retail investors new to crypto, photographed December 2017
right: The same people, photographed February 2018

— LIL CO฿IE (@CryptoCobain) February 12, 2018

Remember when people used to be so hot about crypto?

I guess with the market still down from all time highs, a lot of that heat has dissipated away and along with that, lots of newbie money just lost in this sea of red.

Strangely, I am not too affected. Reason being is that I came in early enough and heavy enough that the average cost of my positions are still deep in the money.

For the new people, especially those that plunged into Bitcoin without understanding it’s investment thesis, they got destroyed.

Why were people plowing into $20k BTC when fees were pushing over $20 USD per transaction? Now the price has dropped 50% to ~$10,000 and transaction fees have plummeted and amazing 99% to cost just $0.20 USD per transaction.

If anything, BTC right now is a massive giant howling screaming monkey that is yelling “BUY BUY BUY”. At least, that’s what I hear myself.

Since most of the degenerate speculators and gamblers being bankrupted and margin called out of the system, we’re back in business.

ICOs are still steaming along and the good ones are getting extremely hard to get allocation for. In the GBX token done on Qryptos, $3.5m USD was sold out within 3 seconds to only 131 people. Yours truly happened to be one of them, oh yes.

In my opinion, now is the best time to be for shopping and picking up extremely promising crypto that have come off all time highs by 60-80%. Just a month ago some people were paying 4-5x the current price, can you imagine what a bargain the space is right now?

While the survivors are staring blanking at their portfolios which are 50% underwater, I’m busy rebalancing my portfolio – taking profits from cryptos that held up the drop better, and scooping up the stuff that people are hastily throwing away. These unwanted shits will hopefully be very shiny gems in the not too distant future.

The next 2 quarters are going to be lit with all the development of my crypto holdings.

Oh you know the Singapore Smart Nation, big data nonsense thing? I’ve whitelisted for an ICO that will be leveraging on that. *cough cough page 31 of the whitepaper cough cough*. THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION BY THE WAY.

But yes, blockchain and crypto are useless tulip bubbles. Repeat it til you believe it. Doesn’t hurt my pocket though.

While everyone was calling for the $0 valuation of all these crypto tulips just weeks ago, it seems that those same everyone have also missed the story of the entire crypto marketspace recovering 50% over the last 10 days.

That’s right. 50% over 10 days. From the day I was shitposting this.

All yell “I told you so” when crypto goes down, but conveniently keep mum when it’s tearing its way up?


I still hope for one more big dump, but oh well, I guess I just have to live with all these sick gainz. 

Tulips are not durable, not scarce, not programmable, not fungible, not verifiable, not divisible, and hard to transfer. But tell me more about your analogy…

— Naval (@naval) December 9, 2017

Fiat Failure Food For Thought

Makes you really wonder, all that money in your bank accounts and investments… what would they be worth in the future?I wonder if there is any sort of money that cannot be arbitrary printed to infinity to inflate away my purchasing power?Hmmmmmmmmmmm…