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Crypto Ramblings Sep 17

I have been travelling and the crypto markets have been lit (by lit, I mean on fire and burning to the ground), so it has been hard for me to blog until now.I did make a quick post that there is a crypto GSS that was happening in early Sep, and no…

Crytpo GSS!

I’m travelling, so I’ll keep it brief.The crypto market felt very overheated. In 1 and a half months, Ethereum went from $140 to $400 and Bitcoin went from $1900 to $5000. It has just stopped it’s ridiculous ascent.Honestly, I felt that the gains have …

[SGX Portfolio] Final Update

This is my final update for my SGX portfolio that I feel I have been running quite successfully since March of 2014. Why?I just sold off almost everything, that’s why!Yup, pretty much everything.The only stocks I hold are Croesus, Saizen, Global Invest…

Reminder: Gold has better cashflow than bonds of these 13 countries

At 0%, Gold has a higher 2-year yield than 13 countries…

— Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) August 28, 2017

As much as a crypto fanatic that I’ve recently been, one of my first true loves in Gold.

With Gold at $1320 and Silver at $17.40, I’ve got no complaints.

Hopefully looking at $24 silver in December, and of course, I hope gold is coming along for the ride. Let’s see how this goes.


Off topic:

By the way, cryptos are heating uppp. At a $165b market cap right now, things are looking very precarious here. Although I’m balls in deep into crypto, I think people should already know by now that I’m at over 100% profits, so if the entire crypto market comes crashing down 50%, I would STILL be in profits.

Jumping into crypto is definitely not advisable unless you know what you’re doing, the risks that you are taking and can obviously bear the cost of losing it all.

Then again, people thought that Gold would keep falling in price until the only people bidding them up were jewellers and dentists. That never did happen, did it?

GMGH Crypto Blackbox Investing (Test Results)

As mentioned on 8 Aug, I will doing something called Blackbox investing.As a refresher what that is all about:I will not be proving my investment capitalI will not be naming the actual investmentsI will not be proving the returns from those invesmentsI…

Goodbye Stocks, Bonds, Unit Trusts and Sanity

I am GMGH,Warden of this blog,First of this subdomain name,Protector of (his own) wealth,Defeater of Insurance Agents,Breaker of traditional thinking,Gentle lover of travelling and eating,Operationally-Ready Soldier of Singapore,and now…The sacrilegi…

Cashless in Singapore

This CNA article about being cashless in China and this video from the ST should really be a wake up call to Singapore.Cashless in Singapore?Wait until neck long long.Can just crawl to the corner in the hawker centre, roll into a ball and die of s…

How to send $165,000,000 USD in 2 minutes for $0.67 USD

Send $100+ MM
Fee < $1#bitcoin

— Alena Vranova (@AlenaSatoshi) August 16, 2017

Bitcoins, that’s how. A friend showed me this link and my jaw just dropped.

And of course, you should not just trust, but also verify.

Thank god we have the blockchain because that means we don’t have to blindly trust shit on the internet. We can fire up the blockchain and check it and verify it for ourselves.

Here is the tx in question that you can look up yourself: 2248452e2122ff2d446565462cac276bbc8420c5874695a9b5c8e3bca8afa2b2

Check 1:
Check 2:
Check 3:

So there you have it. In 1 minute 55 seconds, 40,000.32 BTC worth $165,000,000 USD then was sent at a cost of $0.67 USD.

People tell me Bitcoins are worthless. The whole mainstream media are throwing around the “tulip” buzzword of the week.

Yet it is still shit on like it’s some crazy kook technology used only by criminals and geeks.

But show me how you can move $165 mil in 2 minutes and I’ll give you a standing ovation.

Wait, I take that back. Why should I give anyone a standing ovation for doing that?

It’s nothing special. You’d just be doing something that can already be done.

Honestly, Bitcoins are the tip of the iceberg about how mindblowing blockchain technology is. I know I’m well on my way on being a full crypto-retard. Never go full-retard. I’m trying hard not to, but I see this is as the freaking biggest opportunity that I will ever get in my life.

Sorry, future GMGH reading this. Your past self is utterly convinced that we have passed the Point of No Return.

Let’s talk Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

I’ve actually talked about ICOs before, but I just wanted to come back and touch a bit on this topic.ICO stands for Initial Coin Offerings. In a nutshell, it is a digital Initial Public Offering (IPO).That was actually in the Straits Times, and I think…