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My Current Thoughts on the Alt-mageddon

BTC is breaking new all time highs.Again.Honestly, it’s really chugging along as expected. BTC at $10,000 or even $20,000 really isn’t mind blowing for me. I’m just a bit surprised that it is reaching these levels a lot quicker than I anticipated, and …

GMGH Crypto Blackbox Investing (Final)

As mentioned on 8 Aug, I have been doing something called Blackbox investing.As a refresher what that is all about:I will not be proving my investment capitalI will not be naming the actual investmentsI will not be proving the returns from those i…

GMGH x PennyWise (Crypto Hardware Wallets)

I understand that it is pretty hard to find information locally, especially since the crypto community is so small, and Singapore is so small too. Since I started my crypto journey, I’ve joined a local telegram group that talks about crypto and I got t…

Bitcoin broke $6000 and $100,000,000,000 Market Cap

Source: Marketwatch, CNBC, Coinmarketcap

— luis buenaventura (@helloluis) October 20, 2017

Okay back to the usual MSM bullshit of cryptocurrencies being a bubble, fraud, scams and ponzis.

I mean, no one ACTUALLY makes money from buying any of these “investments”, right? /sarc

WOW just came accross this Jamie Dimon’s Great-Granpa’s pic

— George Kikvadze (@BitfuryGeorge) October 20, 2017

EZ Crypto Portfolio

Since I’ve gone full crypto a while ago, I get plenty of questions regarding investing into cryptos.Honestly, I think that it is a very, very complicated art. It requires a lot of technical understanding and experience to make better-than-average calls…

Can Bitcoin be considered a Good Investment?

I have to admit, since I’ve gone full crypto-tard, I’ve been spending less and less time reading about the stock market and following local blogs. I’ve been a zombie for the last few months devouring and learning about the crypto-markets like crazy.How…

Bitcoin is a Fraud and is in a Bubble

Just tweets with no comments.

2011: “bubble”
2012: “bubble”
2013: “bubble”
2014: “bubble”
2015: “bubble”
2016: “bubble”
2017: “bubble”

— Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) October 13, 2017

Shiller: “Bubble”
Dalio: “Bubble”
Cuban: “Bubble”
Rogoff: “Bubble”
Dimon: “Fraud”
Buffett: “Mirage”

— Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) October 13, 2017

If you look carefully, you may identify a trend forming …#bitcoin

— Alistair Milne (@alistairmilne) October 12, 2017

Merely stating facts.