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GMGH’s Crypto Starter Pack v2.0

Dear all,This is based on my previous post done in August, and I have updated and revised some stuff while keeping it more brief and succinct.Yes, there are some referral links here. Yes, I am using all my own recommendations.Now, let’s get started!Pas…

Sold some Crypto for 968% Profit

And before you ask,No, I do not think crypto is in a bubble.But I do think that the recent run up in LTC has been rather CRAZY.Anyway, I took some profit because why not.I sold off 6.0618 LTC for $3000 SGD ($2955.30 after fees actually).Based on my pur…

Blog Break

Just fyi that I’m taking a break from blogging for a while.No, the crypto markets aren’t crashing and I’m not running away to hide my face.Au contraire, the crypto markets is back (to business as usual) to pushing ATHs.It will crash. But it will also c…

#GivingWeek 2017: GMGH Annual Charity Donation

It’s that time of year again.#GivingWeek is a national movement that encourages people to give back. I like how it is at the end of every year and near the festive seasons. It’s a good time to take stock of how your life and the year went, count y…

Bitcoin $10,000

$0 – $1000: 1789 days
$1000- $2000: 1271 days
$2000- $3000: 23 days
$3000- $4000: 62 days
$4000- $5000: 61 days
$5000- $6000: 8 days
$6000- $7000: 13 days
$7000- $8000: 14 days
$8000- $9000: 9 days
$9000- $10,000: 2 days

— 🏴‍☠️Jack🏴‍☠️ (@jackfru1t) November 28, 2017

Non-believers be like:

Crypto holders be like:

GMGH be like:

(btw, btc broke above a resistance on the LOG scale, this shit is getting cray, lol)

Bitcoin is in a BUBBLE?!?!

Do you own any bitcoins?Do you know how to buy any bitcoins?Do you know anyone that owns any bitcoins?Do you know anyone that has invested more than “play money” into bitcoin?Are you planning on buying any bitcoins?Do any of the people that call bitcoi…

Worst ICO Picks for 2018

When it comes to picking bad ICOs, the best way to do so is to follow a list, like the one written by Inc. Lol. Seriously, if you guys bought based on a list by some website, you deserve to lose your money.1. Cypherium2. Rentberry3. Loci4. Trippki5. Ri…