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Crypto Soft Flex

As we all know, I’ve been doing crypto balls deep since 2017.I’m happy to report that even after that devastating bear market we saw in 2018, I’m still in profits today.Yes, that’s right, I’m in profits.And better than that, I’m actually in triple digi…

Negative Bank Deposits in Denmark

Can’t make this shit up.Large accounts (more than 7.5M DKR) would have -0.6% rates.Denmark already has negative home loans at -0.5% lol.And while people are paying banks for the privilege of them to hold their cash (and allowing the banks to use the ca…

DGD is a BUY now???

I think DGD needs no introduction.I used to own a shit ton. I sold majority for disgusting profits. I exited the rest of my position at around breakeven. Recapped all of this in Jun 2019 when I was saying how DGD is crap and will never distribute …

The Current Crypto Narrative

So, this is the current narrative that is going on, and will go on wrt the macro lenses of traditional investors.- USDCNH broke 7, XAUCNH broke 10,000 = China can’t keep their shit together- USDKRW broke 1200 = new Asia getting rekt as well- Japan yiel…

Negative, here we GOOOOO

So yeah.

Negative Bond Yields through…
50 yrs: Switzerland
25 yrs: Germany
20 yrs: Denmark, Netherlands
10 yrs: Japan, Austria, Finland, Sweden, France, Belgium, Slovakia
9 yrs: Ireland
8 yrs: Slovenia
7 yrs: Spain
6 yrs: Portugal
5 yrs: Malta
1 yr: Bulgaria, Italy

— Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) August 2, 2019

Yields are dropping!

That means bonds will go up in price, right?

Like the 100 year Argentina bond? Oops, it went from $79.98 last year to $70.04. How… ODD.

I’ve always found negative yielding bonds very strange.

I was never taught about negative rates when I was in business school.

Oh well.

While people are buying negative yielding Bulgarian and Italian 1 year bonds, I’m putting crypto USD into online lending pools and earning 12~15% APR.

But don’t follow the stupid things I do. Those kind of returns, CONFIRM SCAM or PONZI right?

I mean, it can’t possibly make sense, right?

Except when it does, I suppose.

Good luck with dealing with negative bond yields guys.

Personally, I think it is extremely retarded to lend people money and get back less, lol. But hey, if you think that’s a good idea, THUMBS UP MAN POWER TO YOU.

Watch out for Interest Rates

It should be clear that I mostly blog about crypto these days.However, one of the things that I still loose keep tabs on is the interest rates.Data from here.While everyone is getting giddy with fixed-income and fixed-income alternatives (like REITs) g…

Simplifying my Finances

Just excreting my thoughts out here on my blog, don’t mind my mess. People say I don’t blog enough, so here you go.I have bank accounts with the following banks:DBSOCBCUOBSCBCIMBCitiI have decided that I am going to cut away everything to just 2, maybe…