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DGD is a BUY now???

I think DGD needs no introduction.I used to own a shit ton. I sold majority for disgusting profits. I exited the rest of my position at around breakeven. Recapped all of this in Jun 2019 when I was saying how DGD is crap and will never distribute …

The Current Crypto Narrative

So, this is the current narrative that is going on, and will go on wrt the macro lenses of traditional investors.- USDCNH broke 7, XAUCNH broke 10,000 = China can’t keep their shit together- USDKRW broke 1200 = new Asia getting rekt as well- Japan yiel…

Negative, here we GOOOOO

So yeah.

Negative Bond Yields through…
50 yrs: Switzerland
25 yrs: Germany
20 yrs: Denmark, Netherlands
10 yrs: Japan, Austria, Finland, Sweden, France, Belgium, Slovakia
9 yrs: Ireland
8 yrs: Slovenia
7 yrs: Spain
6 yrs: Portugal
5 yrs: Malta
1 yr: Bulgaria, Italy

— Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) August 2, 2019

Yields are dropping!

That means bonds will go up in price, right?

Like the 100 year Argentina bond? Oops, it went from $79.98 last year to $70.04. How… ODD.

I’ve always found negative yielding bonds very strange.

I was never taught about negative rates when I was in business school.

Oh well.

While people are buying negative yielding Bulgarian and Italian 1 year bonds, I’m putting crypto USD into online lending pools and earning 12~15% APR.

But don’t follow the stupid things I do. Those kind of returns, CONFIRM SCAM or PONZI right?

I mean, it can’t possibly make sense, right?

Except when it does, I suppose.

Good luck with dealing with negative bond yields guys.

Personally, I think it is extremely retarded to lend people money and get back less, lol. But hey, if you think that’s a good idea, THUMBS UP MAN POWER TO YOU.

Watch out for Interest Rates

It should be clear that I mostly blog about crypto these days.However, one of the things that I still loose keep tabs on is the interest rates.Data from here.While everyone is getting giddy with fixed-income and fixed-income alternatives (like REITs) g…

Simplifying my Finances

Just excreting my thoughts out here on my blog, don’t mind my mess. People say I don’t blog enough, so here you go.I have bank accounts with the following banks:DBSOCBCUOBSCBCIMBCitiI have decided that I am going to cut away everything to just 2, maybe…

Crypto DCA Portfolio – Last Update LOL

Lol, well that was short-lived.Since 31st May til 18th June I managed to sink in 4 rounds of $500 into to execute my monthly DCA plan.Quick math will get you at 4 x $500 for $2000 capital.I also kept with the 40/40/20 split the entire time.S…

No Position is Forever (Crypto Case Study)

Recap:I bought tons of DGD since mid 2017.I sold a lot in Apr 2018.I exited the rest of my position in Sep 2018.I warned everyone in Feb 2019.As of now, I am 99.99% certain that DGD will fail to achieve anything.It is extremely likely that in the fores…

Crypto DCA Portfolio – Update #1

DCA Portfolio – The BeginningICYMI, I’m doing a DCA with a 40/40/20 split into BTC/ETH/BNB.So, quick update.Started on 31st May. Bought another 2 times over the following 2 weeks.Today is 19 days later, and I’m up 11.6%.That’s 0.61% returns a day.Or an…