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Smart move on your Income Tax

8 months ago I shared about the power of Supplementary Retirement Scheme account and was recently been asked….. how good it really is. It reduces your chargeable income tax while allowing you to invest that supposedly “payable tax amount” REITS, FIXED DEPOSIT, … Continue reading

#02 Buying SGD

Spotted the best pair to long the SGD. SGDJPY weekly chart showed that the Sing dollar have lose its bearish momentum when it manages to break out of APR’s high and 1 year channel. In order to enter with a … Continue reading

Should you buy S-Bonds?

Thoughts of diversifying your money // Bonds is the safest instrument What you should know before making this decision? Does it beat inflation rate? (5 Yrs average – 3.12%) The best/safest bond (3 Options) Singapore Savings Bond Average return per … Continue reading