Category: Financial Veracity

AUDCHF – 5th Week Of Feb

Weekly Analysis shows that market has an overall bullish trend (making higher highs and higher lows) but has currently come to a halt due to the recent lack of buyers to push the price beyond previous structure’s high.  Daily Analysis clearly … Continue reading

14/2/18 – UOB

Weekly Chart Analysis – Price action on the stock indicates that it is in an overall bull trend ( started in 2009 ), making higher highs and higher lows. Something I spotted was that market tends (high probability) to retrace … Continue reading

2/2/18 – Singtel

Weekly Chart: Price action on the stock seems to be trading in a consolidation range with an up build of a bearish character. If the market breaks 2016’s structure low, it would have completed a bearish trend requirement. Thus, increasing … Continue reading

2/02/18 GBPJPY

Weekly Analysis – The market pair was initially trading in with a bearish momentum ( lower higher and lower low) till late 2016. As price action did not break previous structure low, it signifies a strong bullish possibility. Daily Analysis … Continue reading

26/01/18 AEM

Daily Chart – Market has broken 2004 Highs with a strong bullish momentum that doesn’t seem to end? It holds an erratic bullish trend characteristic, as you can see sometimes market consolidates with a considerable amount of time and sometimes it … Continue reading

26/01/18 NZDUSD

Daily Chart – Market has been running pretty bullish since late December. It has been breaking previous “structure high” constantly with a nice momentous demand of buyers. This has resulted in a strong short-term bullish characteristic that has a great … Continue reading