Category: Financial Veracity

USDCHF – 4th week of APR

Daily Chart – Tuesday’s close (bullish engulfing) increase market’s probability of trending upwards as the market progressively breaks bearish structure. The market is currently approaching 0.97800, daily levels, it is highly probable to see a decent selloff before market continues … Continue reading

NZDUSD – 2nd Week of Apr

Daily Chart – The market holds a current short-term bullish structure that is trading in a consolidated zone. It holds a weak bullish characteristic as it fails to break bearish structure over two retracements. This increase the market’s probability of … Continue reading

GBPCHF -1st Week Of Apr

Weekly Chart – Price action on this market pair indicates a highly probable bearish retracing soon; closed with a bearish inverted hammer pattern in key level, with the failure to break previous structure high. The market is currently holding a … Continue reading

CADCHF – 5th Week of March

Daily Chart –  Short-term price action indicates the possibility for a bearish trend continuation in the coming week. In the previous week, the market had failed to break previous structure high with a “Hamari” closing candlestick which leads to the … Continue reading

CADCHF – 3rd Week of March

Weekly Chart – The market seems to hold a bullish structure with the market closing with an engulfing candlestick pattern this week. This gives short-run bullish trades a higher winning probability and that’s what we want. Daily Chart – The … Continue reading

NZDUSD – 2nd Week of March

Daily Chart – The market currently shows that market has a high probability to not trend lower with it being unable to break previous structure low (exhausting short-term selling with a bullish engulfing) and breaking previous bearish high (dotted line). … Continue reading