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Another sell transaction in Jan 2018

This is a continuation of my efforts to restructure and simplify my portfolio. As I start my Maybank Monthly Investment Plan into a few REIT ETFs from today, I have decided to sell my last profitable individual REIT holdings – Starhill Global REIT (SGX: P40U). Sale Proceeds: S$610 Profit Amt: S$20 Profit %: 3.28% I’m now […]

Sell transaction Jan 2018

Just a quick update here. After setting up our robo-advisor accounts and standing instructions to transfer funds into them weekly, I started to realise it was pointless maintaining a separate portfolio of 6 x Vanguard LSE-listed ETFs on our Stan Chart Online Equity Trading Platform. A reader pointed this out to me a while ago […]

Showing my support in a small way

I have always been a fan of the SG Finance Bloggers Community. We come from different backgrounds, work in various industries or self-employed and write about all sorts of personal finance topics. I enjoy reading their posts and believe in what we are doing – educating ourselves, each other and the public with the knowledge […]

Dec 2017 Net Worth Update and Wrap Up

This is my last net worth update for the year 2017 in Dec. Just updated the figures in our Net Worth Google Sheet and we now officially have 2 years worth of accurate data to look back on starting from Dec 2015. Yearly patterns in behaviour when it comes to our expenses, savings, investments and […]

Investments for Dec 2017

Automated Investing for Dec 2017 Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan (Maybank KE MIP) Buy 28 units of SPDR STI ETF (SGX: ES3) at S$3.467 per unit on 8 Dec 2017 Buy 85 units of Nikko AM REIT ETF (SGX: CFA) at S$1.139 per unit on 8 Dec 2017 Transaction costs of S$2 POSB Invest-Saver Buy 27 units of […]

Reviewing our CPF strategy and approach

Merry Christmas everyone! I will be busy with gatherings and celebrations over the next 2 days so I might as well send my well wishes earlier. We have finished our Christmas presents shopping and are ready for the gifts exchange tomorrow evening after dinner. The shopping areas have been really crowded during the weekends and […]

Thoughts on joblessness and migration

It’s a half day for me in the office today because my division was given a half day off as a celebration of the Christmas weekend. But I’m still at my desk finishing up some work. After all, my wife, family and friends are still working and there’s no point in me leaving early if there’s […]

Employee shares and MIP transactions

I had a good time at the gathering organized by BIGScribe last week and it was fun meeting the various financial bloggers and writers. I was late to the event and had less time interacting & getting to know the people there as a result. I got held up at work but really should make more of […]

Just focus on your own progress

It’s close to the end of the work week and tomorrow is Friday! The day we receive our monthly salary and annual bonus income, which is likely to be our biggest payout in a single day for all of our 8 years of working. I’m excited at the prospects of having such an influx of cash at […]

Increasing my monthly funds transfers to Smartly and StashAway

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I recently opened a Smartly robo-advisor account with my wife’s referral code. This was introduced recently by Smartly, probably as a response to StashAway’s referral program that was introduced a few month’s back. Competition among the robo-advisors in Singapore is already starting to translate into monetary benefits […]