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Rebaselining DCA

I was corresponding with a reader over Facebook when I got asked this good question. Should he lower his monthly Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) investment amount for now given the current high pricing levels of the equity markets and subsequently increase it when the prices come down? My advice was that it’s a good idea since that […]

Big sell transaction in Jan 2018

I got really lucky with this exit position. I have been noticing a strong upward price action on SembCorp Marine (SGX: S51) for a few days now. And it seems to be related to an upgrade to a “buy” rating by Nomura and market speculation that it might be privatized. Honestly, I was happy for […]

Why I like to wait and see

It’s the weekend again! Plans involve going for a friend’s barbeque to catch up with friends on Sat and celebrating our total asset achievement with a nice lunch on Sun. While waiting for my wife to finish her drinks session with colleagues, I might as well squeeze in a post now. By the way, I hope you […]

Significance of capital injections

I checked my wife’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) balances today and found out that her contributions from last month’s annual performance bonus and this month’s salary have been credited. It’s a pleasant surprise because I was expecting the crediting to only happen next week. As I load the net worth Google Sheet on my phone to […]

De-risking during good times

With the opening of the Downtown Line 3 last year in Oct 2017, I have noticed that my train journeys on the EastWest Line from the East to the city office area on weekday mornings have become less unpleasant. The trains are less packed and I can usually get into the first train that arrives. […]

CPF Interest and Contributions

It’s a rest day for me today. We went out the entire day yesterday and had a dinner gathering at our friend’s place. Enjoyed the home-cooked dinner, wine and the board game we played together after that. It was different from the usual board games we played where we competed against each other to be […]

Contributing to be Friend of StocksCafe

Just another sharing post on supporting the local personal finance community. I have been a long time user of StocksCafe and have been diligently inputting my SGX transactions and checking the dividends information. Recently, I realized that there was now a cap on the number of transactions I can put through. And I realized that StocksCafe […]

Another sell transaction in Jan 2018

This is a continuation of my efforts to restructure and simplify my portfolio. As I start my Maybank Monthly Investment Plan into a few REIT ETFs from today, I have decided to sell my last profitable individual REIT holdings – Starhill Global REIT (SGX: P40U). Sale Proceeds: S$610 Profit Amt: S$20 Profit %: 3.28% I’m now […]

Sell transaction Jan 2018

Just a quick update here. After setting up our robo-advisor accounts and standing instructions to transfer funds into them weekly, I started to realise it was pointless maintaining a separate portfolio of 6 x Vanguard LSE-listed ETFs on our Stan Chart Online Equity Trading Platform. A reader pointed this out to me a while ago […]

Showing my support in a small way

I have always been a fan of the SG Finance Bloggers Community. We come from different backgrounds, work in various industries or self-employed and write about all sorts of personal finance topics. I enjoy reading their posts and believe in what we are doing – educating ourselves, each other and the public with the knowledge […]