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Risk management as a hedge against uncertainty

Circuit breaker is ending and we are moving into Phase 1 exit soon. The main change for us is the family visits & hairdressing appointments and we are looking forward to that. Everything else is likely to remain the same for us. We would still be working from home and buying even more groceries to […]

Work from home is keeping us sane

Another long weekend has passed and we are already in the middle of this week. We went out for grocery shopping, bought takeaway food, ordered even more stuff online and caught up with friends virtually. It’s becoming a routine as we do what we can to get through this circuit breaker. The Government announcing the […]

StashAway Re-optimises our portfolios

Another week of work and stay at home is coming to an end as we finish up with the weekend. We were busier this week as a number of things came through for us to do at work. So we had to focus more and couldn’t spend as much time with the baby and each […]

1st rebalancing of DBS DigiPortfolio

We celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday night with dinner ordered in. We are going to have cake later in the afternoon to finish the celebration. Did the same celebration last month for my wife’s birthday. The mood wasn’t as fun this time round as the effects of 5 weeks of circuit breaker measures start to bite. […]

Baby Bonus Cash Gift 2nd Payment

Another public holiday today this week but it’s on a Thurs instead of a Fri like last week. Considered taking leave tomorrow but decided there’s no point doing it. Just going to be at home doing the same things as today. Prefer to work from home just to have something else to focus on. Keeps […]

Apr 2020 Net Worth Update

Since it’s a public holiday today, I had time to update the net worth figures for Apr 2020 on our Google Sheet and blog pages. The numbers for every component – assets, liabilities, income and expenses, are looking better than the previous month. Salary & passive income have gone up due to higher dividend income […]

Good to take a break from work on a public holiday

It’s the last working day this week on Thurs as Fri is the Labour Day public holiday. We almost forgot about it until our colleagues reminded us. It’s amazing what happens when you start working from home full-time. Weekdays, weekends and public holidays start to blur together. Not easy to draw the line clearly between […]

Adjusting better and what should we be changing

The 2nd week of us working from home is over and it has gone better than the 1st week. My wife’s pivot into a new job scope from BAU to project with her current role is gaining traction and this will remain her focus for the rest of the year. It will give her greater […]

First full week of us working from home

We are coming to the end of the 2nd week since the start of the circuit breaker measures in Singapore on Tues 7 Apr. I went into the office on Mon 13 Apr morning to fix the last of my work laptop issues. And commenced working from home in the afternoon onwards. So this is […]

When your employer pledges no job cuts

The long weekend is here and I’m looking forward to celebrating my wife’s 32nd birthday as a family with our baby at home. We are going to have a nice dinner delivered and have a video conference call with her colleagues and friends for them to wish her a Happy Birthday! Covid-19 has caused a […]