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Liquid Assets Monthly Update

Looks like we are going into Phase 3 Heightened Alert from Monday and the tightened Covid restrictions should hopefully start to loosen more gradually from there. It would be good for us to be able to start dining out, going into the office and meeting up with friends & colleagues outside again. Anyway, this is […]

End May 2021 Net Worth Update

I have a new senior manager that joined this week who will be heading up a new team that I’m transferring to along with my manager. Our job scope is probably going to expand at the same rank and pay level. While I’m okay to learn more technical and advisory skills, it would have been […]

Milestone reached for investment portfolio and Coast FI

I have to clear my carried forward leave from last year by next month so I took these 2 days off to create a long weekend since Wed (public holiday). Not that my routine changed by much since I still dropped off our boy at my parents-in-law’s place yesterday after taking care of him the […]

What I did and felt during the crypto crash

It has been an intense 48 hours! If you haven’t heard by now, the crypto market started falling before accelerating into a crash. Crypto prices collapsed before recovering some of their losses. It’s the first time I have gone through such a high level of volatility with my investments. I mean, my US and China […]

Running my investment cash down to buy tech stocks

Looks like it’s back to work from home in the next few weeks for me. I was supposed to be working in the office this week but requested to work from home instead due to the deteriorating Covid situation. Besides, I have been getting tired from working in the office every alternate week so it’s […]

End Apr 2021 Net Worth Update

I updated the net worth figures and portfolio positions on our Google Sheet and blog pages. The numbers are ok as an increase in our Singapore equities portfolio is offset by a decrease in our Overseas equities portfolio. I continued with my monthly Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) into the robo advisors portfolios and added some new […]

Volatility in our crypto positions

In the last few days, the crypto prices have been falling and the drop is rather significant. I have been buying into the dips to build up our crypto positions but also giving it time to see whether the prices will continue to drop. I have to say, the volatility in our crypto positions is […]

Keep working at our jobs and not retiring early

I was working in the office this week and it’s definitely more tiring than working at home. The transport time, dress code and ambient noise does get to me at times and it takes me a while to get used to it when I switch between the different work arrangements. But it’s easier to catch […]

Updated StocksCafe, Robo Advisors and Coinhako blog pages

After I updated my end Mar 2021 net worth numbers on our Net Worth Google Sheet and blog page, I proceeded to update the rest of my StocksCafe, Robo Advisors and Coinhako blog pages. Tracking our entire investment portfolio on StocksCafe is proving increasingly difficult as we open more Robo Advisor accounts (StashAway, DBS DigiPortfolio […]