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Monthly CPF Life Payout for Mum

The first week of work at my new job role was okay and I hope things continue to be fine. I reckon it would require a few months for me to properly settle in and that’s my plan until the end of the year. When I can take my 2 weeks of paid paternity leave […]

Last week of work

It’s my last week of work before transferring to my new job role to a subsidiary within the same banking group that I work in. Things got significantly better since May 2019 after returning from my holiday to Greece and informing my bosses about the decision. I even had more help and resources then but […]

What to do when your wife is expecting

This is the big news I have been waiting to announce for a while now. My wife is expecting! Haha, it’s life-changing stuff and I’m sure everything is going to be different by the end of the year. In fact, things are already changing and moving along fast. We found out in Apr 2019 and […]

Allocated Astrea V Bonds and Stopped Maybank Kim Eng MIP

There’s been a lot of online commentary about the Astrea V 3.85% Private Equity Bonds so I’m not going to be analysing them here. Last year in Jun 2018, I subscribed to and was allocated S$4,000 of Astrea IV 4.35% Private Equity Bonds. Since the interest rate is lower this time round, I only subscribed […]

Back in Singapore and more

I’m back in Singapore from my holiday to Greece (Europe). It was fun, exciting and probably the last long trip I will be on for a while. There’s a personal update on this but I’m just going to hold out on this for now. At least until I sort out my work situation. Actually, I […]

2 weeks of block leave and robo investing

I will be off from work on block leave from today for 2 weeks. Will be flying off to Greece tonight for a holiday. I have been looking forward to this for a while and hope it gives me time to clear my mind. And figure out what I want to do with my current […]

Having a tough time at work

Work has been weighing on me for the past few weeks. It was already a difficult time leading up to getting my bonus and pay rise in March. After that, things have gotten even worse and each week has been tougher to get through. I know the reason for this. It’s because I’m being developed […]

Lowering the amount we invest per month

This is a short update on my reaction to the equity markets climbing significantly in the recent weeks. I have lowered the amount we invest per month into the following: Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan – S$700 OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan – S$600 POSB Invest Saver – S$300 StashAway – S$600 Smartly – […]

Got my letter this week

This is perhaps one of the most exciting things to look forward to for a corporate employee. The time when you have completed your performance review for the previous year and are waiting for your remuneration outcome in the current year i.e. percentage increase in annual salary and number of months of bonus. This can […]

What to do with negative returns of Smartly and StashAway

It’s been a long wait but the returns after fees on our SG robo-advisors (Smartly and StashAway) accounts are finally in the negative territory consistently. The net amounts are hovering around less than 5% after accounting for dividends, funds performance and currency impact. I’m saying this with a sense of relief because my Smartly and […]