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Letter from IRAS on tax reliefs and rebate

I’m still on leave and it’s nice to stay at home as a family recovering from the CNY visits. My wife is watching the Australian Open tennis, helper is cooking lunch and the baby is sleeping. A good time to post about this letter from IRAS that we received. It was to notify us that […]

Help has arrived and our first CNY as a family

It’s been a busy long CNY weekend with visits to our families and relatives. And our first CNY bringing along a baby as well. We couldn’t make as many trips as before because it’s difficult coordinating the visits with the baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule. Plus there’s so much stuff to bring with us every […]

Top up function available for DBS DigiPortfolio

We got an email from DBS today about the top-up function being available for the DBS DigiPortfolio. The last time I wrote about my wife setting up her Asia and Global Portfolios, I expressed my disappointment at how she was unable to increase her investment in them by making contributions. Instead, she would have to […]

2nd retirement of my mother-in-law

My wife went out to have lunch with her mum and they are out shopping together now. It’s been a while since they spent some time by themselves. And both of them need it. Because my mother-in-law dropped some major news on us yesterday during the family dinner. She’s seriously thinking of retiring for real […]

Update from Smartly and holding our asset allocation

Both our parents visited us and the baby today so it was a whirlwind of activity until now. Got some time to rest and relax before we head out for dinner later tonight. Anyway, the last update I provided on Smartly was that they were going through a major platform upgrade and had to temporarily […]

Having an after work routine

It’s the end of the week! I’m usually tapped out by Fri afternoon so I kind of just zone out, do some light reading and prepare for the next week of work. No point starting anything heavy since it just stresses me out over the weekend, which I want to relax and enjoy. Only possible […]

Extending leave and CPF Newborn Medisave Grant of $4,000

Everyone is sleeping now – my wife, baby and nanny. But I’m up squeezing in some time to blog before I go to sleep. It’s time for another work week and I should get some rest before starting it. Having a purpose is important in ensuring you don’t dread Mondays. If anything, my wife having […]

Digital banks impact on our jobs

I originally wanted to write about how the DBS Multiplier revision of terms with effect from 1 Feb 2020 will affect my wife. Then I saw a number of financial bloggers have written and analysed this in detail so I didn’t see a point in doing so anymore. But I might just summarise the impact […]

CPF SA Cash Top Up and Last Day of 2019

Last night, my wife and I topped up our CPF SA with S$1,000 of cash each. Both of us should have no problems with getting the CPF Cash Top-up Tax Relief. With the birth of our child this year 2019, my wife can qualify for the Working Mother’s Child Relief (WMCR) at 15% of her […]