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7 things we learned from AmanahRaya REIT’s 2017 AGM

AmanahRaya REIT (ARREIT; Bursa: 5127) was established in Oct 2006 and was listed on Bursa Malaysia in Feb 2007. As at 31st Dec 2016, the portfolio of ARREIT comprised 15 properties with a total asset value of RM1.04 billion. The REIT manager is a joint venture between AmanahRaya-REIT Managers and Kenedix Asia.  Kenedix Asia, via […]

12 things I learned from Parkway Life REIT’s 2017 AGM

Parkway Life REIT (PLife REIT; SGX: C2PU) has been in our portfolio for a number of years now and has given us solid capital gains and a consistent dividend yield since. This isn’t a surprise as PLife REIT enjoys a stable 15 + 15-year master lease with Parkway Hospitals in Singapore with an annual rental […]

Passive index investing and the dislocation of value

Jack Bogle of the Vanguard Group is essentially the savior of a great many investors out there who save and invest for their retirement. Buffett himself called Bogle a hero and championed his philosophy of passive investing. Buffett told everyone (his children, most investors) to chuck their money in passive index funds and not do […]

7 things I learned from Al-`Aqar Healthcare REIT’s 2017 AGM

Over the past year, I found myself in and out of a KPJ Specialist Hospital. The reason was because my wife was expecting and our obstetrician is a doctor with a clinic in a KPJ Specialist Hospital. We ended up having to spend hours waiting for our turn to see the doctor every month. During […]

Can the strength of the ringgit be sustained?

The Malaysian ringgit is turning out to be the best-performing currency in the region, so far this year. This is a sharp reversal of its fortunes, after being heavily sold down in November-December last year. I believe this has much to do with our improved exports and outlook, and in particular Bank Negara’s new ruling […]

8 things I learned from Delfi Limited’s 2017 AGM

If you shop the confectionery aisle at your local supermarket, you may come across a familiar brand of chocolate lining the supermarket shelves called Delfi. If you have the impression that Delfi chocolate hails from Switzerland, you probably wouldn’t be the first to say that due to the brand’s Western sounding name and skier logo […]

4 reasons why property may not be the best asset for retirement

Property investments have long been favoured in Asian cultures, and Singapore is no different. The appeal is as much psychological as it is financial: you can stand inside a house you own, but you can’t see a stock or bond (well, not unless you bother to get the certificate). But take away this appeal, and […]

4 main investing strategies you should know

In the professional investing world, there is a popular saying that all the portfolio managers and analysts talk about: “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” This refers to the concept that there is no such thing as the absolute “best” investment strategy. Instead, every investment strategy has its own unique set of […]