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Business Lessons From A Michelin Star Restaurant

So last week, my wife convinced me to have dinner at The Clove Club, a 1-Michelin Star restaurant ranked #26 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards this year (Britain’s highest entry). Now, you must understand that unlike my wife, I have a very un-Michelin-like palate. I love Qiji nasi lemak, Soi 19 Thai wanton […]

The Unconventional Millennial’s Guide To Winning At CPF

Okay, quick poll: How many of you hate being called a “millennial”? I know I do. A little part of me dies every time I see a millennial commercial showing beautiful young people laughing, taking selfies and drinking hipster coffee. You see, I don’t think I fit into the typical millennial stereotypes. I hate WhatsApping, I […]

Are Returns That Important?

A couple of years ago, an Army friend asked me: Index investing sounds great and all, but when you buy the index, you’re just settling for average returns. Why would you settle for average when you can get above-average returns by picking stocks? On the surface, that seems to make sense. Why would you settle […]

The “Hi, How’s Your Day Going?” Approach

Soooo I was lucky enough to get a short work stint in London (long story), and I’ve been here for a couple of weeks. Here are some interesting observations I had: Cyclists are basically killer ninjas on wheels who will silently assassinate you from the back if you’re not looking Go to any English pub after […]

The Overfitting Fallacy

When I was in college, I was an obnoxious smartass. Like every ambitious, testosterone-driven Singaporean male, I believed I could trade my way towards becoming a millionaire. So I bought some trading software, some market data, several hundred dollars worth of trading books, and begin to craft my own strategy. Back then, “rules-based” technical trading […]

Singapore Robo-Advisors: Yay Or Nay?

Soooooo a bunch of robo-advisors have launched this month in Singapore. When I first heard about them, I got REALLY EXCITED. I tried sharing my excitement with my friends, which is probably why no one invites me to parties anymore. Now that I have nothing better to do on Friday nights, I did a little […]

IPPT Gold In 4 Weeks – Is That Possible?

One of the biggest complaints about my blog is that I don’t write enough about “personal finance stuff”. Well whoops, because here’s yet another non-money blogpost to annoy you with. 7 months ago, I wrote The Ultimate Guide To Achieving An IPPT Gold. It went on to become one of my most searched-for posts, because […]

You Don’t Need A Miles Card To Earn Miles

Before we start: I’m experimenting with short, tactical and specific posts like these with nuggets of practical tips. They’re easier to write than my longer strategic (rambling?) posts, but may not necessarily apply to everyone. I’ll likely end up doing a mix of both, but let me know what you think! === Everyone knows that if […]

No One Is Naturally Good At Pitching

Lots of people downplay the amount of preparation it takes to achieve something impressive. I was first introduced to this idea by Ramit Sethi in this blog post: That behind every every impressive feat lies a HUGE amount of preparation. You only see the results, but you almost never hear about the hours and hours […]

“There’s No Way I Can Save Up For That”

Don’t you just hate it when you hear lame, generic advice that everybody knows? You know what I’m talking about: “Just eat less and exercise more!” “Make sure you leave work on time!” Or my personal favourite: “Spend less than you earn!” Ohhhhh man. One of the reasons why I stopped reading personal finance books […]