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The Australian Property Bubble

First, just watch these 3 videos.The Australian property market is crazy. I talked about it in 2015.The first 2 videos give you an on the ground look on what is happening.The 3rd video shows you the viewpoint from an investor who is thinking of shortin…

Guys Im finally losing money in Crypto

Been crazily busy with work, life and of course crypto the past month plus.Things should start slowing down for me in late Oct or Nov, and hopefully I will be posting a lot more then.The BTC 2013-2014 bubble pop saw BTC price decline 92%. That’s scary….

Wew Crypto Reeeeeeeee

Markets are crazy today, lol!Positions got closed out at 28.7% and 92% profits respectively.And this is after manually reducing positions and taking profit earlier at 147% and 238%.Just another day in crypto paradise.Only trading position left is ETH w…

3 Crypto Weeks Later…

3 weeks ago I posted that I was buying and leveraging up…Then, BTC was ~$6500 (my entries were lower).Today it is $7200.How’s my Bitmex ROE looking?Looking fantastic, thank you very much. The top 3 are my same positions as my previous post. The last …

More Quick Crypto Updates

Since my last post, crypto tanked – again – and made fresher lows.A lot of people might have suspected that I have killed myself with crypto tanking so hard like a beech lately.Unfortunately, I am still alive.With the markets making crazy moves, I’ve b…

Quick Crypto Musings

– the hype in the space has been mostly cleared imo- most of the quick flipping degens have either rage quit, or are down at least -50% from capital (stuck, refusing to book a loss)- BTC and ETH looks great to me (I am contrarian)- ETH looks much bette…

A Traditionalist Approach to Bitcoin

Here’s Bill Miller’s take on Bitcoin.

It’s a very good take.


– uncorrelated asset
– put 1% into it
– anyone can afford to lose 1% of their portfolio
– it’s a positive expected return lottery ticket

Bill Miller says Bitcoin is interesting but that most cryptocurrencies worthless

— Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV) July 27, 2018

I am so balls deep into crypto now that I feel like an expert on money and incentives.

Funny thing is, most people, even investors, have shit knowledge on money itself.

Making money? Easy.
Spending money? Easier.
Saving money? Great.
Investing money? Not too shabby.

Defining money? Wait u say mot m8?

Most people can’t go any deeper than “because my government gives it value and backs it up”.


If that’s good enough for you, then great.

The next crypto bull run is going to be madness. Mass media all have an ear out and someone covering crypto. Crypto is near the tipping point of being treated as a niche investment at traditional institutes. At this point, nearly everyone in the world knows about Bitcoin.

Everyone knows that Bitcoin was $0.01, then $1, then $10, then $100, then $1000.

Next thing you know, we’re at $10,000 and everyone is kicking themselves for missing YET ANOTHER opportunity to buy it.

The Lindy effect is already taking root and I think we will see even more mania in the next bull run.

As of now, except for the die-hard crypto community (which is tiny), people either have tiny exposure to crypto, or not at all.

Some people will say Bitcoin is not income producing. They are right, it is not.

Some people will say Bitcoin is not an asset. They have been wrong since 2009.

Some people will tell you not to invest and gamble into strange ponzi tulip schemes.
Of course you should not.
Also, Bitcoin is not a strange ponzi tulip scheme.

At the end of the day, the problem with forming an investment thesis on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that most people are just not willing to go deep enough back to the basics and strengthen their foundational knowledge on money itself.

The Govt should NOT bail out Hyflux

I read this post by Blade Knight from Dividend Passive Income talking about the Hyflux shitshow.As many know, I rarely go out of my way to call out really trashy investments, because let’s face it, a lot of investors are irrational and will gladly and …