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KOUFU IPO is currently ongoing as you investors may know. The listing of a Kopitiam-related stock is now new to Singapore since the listing of another Kopitiam-related stock in Kimly. So will I subscribe to Koufu IPO?

First, a check on the statistics. Of the IPO, only 6.3 million shares are offered for the public as compared to 90.7 million placement shares. Also, after the listing, Pang Lim, the founder of Koufu, Pang Lim and his wife would continue to be the major substantial shareshilders with 45.8 million shares. Read more »

Noble Group to fall into abyss?

Since my last coverage on Noble Group in December 2017, things have taken a turn for the worse. In fact, the on-going drama is so bad that its good. Why is there any good out of this corporate tragedy if you may ask? In my opinion, there are plenty of hard lessons that investors can gain from the downfall of Noble Group.

From a former multi-billion blue chip darling as recent as 2015, Noble Group has shrunk to a mere $188 million listed company. Novice investors who are new to the game should avoid this counter if they are not unaware of the series of events that had unfolded on this counter. Indeed, there had been so many twists and turns to the Noble Group drama that one wonders if the latest alliance between Goldilocks and Noble Group is just another false dawn in the making.

Due to the volatility of Noble Group share price, existing shareholders should exercise caution on whether to dollar average their holdings or cut losses.  This article is only for information and not meant to induce or serve as a form of financial advice.

Noble Group

Holding shareholders to ransom?

In my last coverage, I highlighted …

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